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Knit Regan Cowl Pattern & Tutorial

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Today's free pattern & tutorial is on the Regan Cowl. It matches the Knit Regan Beanie which is written for a fitted or slouchy style. Earlier this summer, I decided to include more multi-colored designs in my patterns. I don't like to switch colors too often. I want my patterns ot be easy for beginners and quick for the seasoned knitters. I feel like I have met that goal for some time now so I wanted to start including more complex (intermediate) patterns.

The Regan cowl isn't too hard and with a full video tutorial, I'm confidant that even a beginner will be able to knit this pattern!

This free pattern is for the Regan Cowl in Child & Adult Sizes.

Please visit any of my shops if you would like to purchase the ad-free PDF Beanie pattern in a convenient tri-fold format for on-the-go Knitting. PDF Pattern comes in sizes Baby (Toddler, Child, Adult).


  • Super Bulky Weight Yarn | Lion Brand's Hometown USA (Louisville Julep & Hoboken Honey)

  • US 15/10mm 16" Circular Knitting Needles

  • Tape Measure

  • Tapestry Needle

  • Stitch Marker | Make your own here!

  • Scissor




  • col – Color

  • co – Cast on

  • k – Knit

  • p – Purl

  • st(s) – Stitch(es)

  • sl – Slip

  • wyib – With yarn in back

  • wyif – With yarn in front

  • rem – Remaining

  • rep – Repeat

  • LH/RH – Left hand/Right hand

Gauge: 2.5 sts & 3 rounds = 1"

Special Stitches

PU1: Pick up 1 - Insert RH needle upwards under loose strand of the sl sts 3 rounds below & k next st.


Slip all sts purl wise. Make sure sl sts are loose across your work. If you feel it’s too long, catch the strand on the wrong side after 3 sts.

PATTERN Child (Adult)

(Col A) Co 48 (60)sts

Add stitch marker and join, careful not to twist sts.


Round 1-2 (Col A): k1, p1 around.

Main Cowl

Round 3 (Col A): k all sts

NOTE: I used Col B in the video for ROUND 3 but decided it looks BETTER with color A & will also match what I finished off with. The choice is up to you!

Round 4 (Col A): *sl5 wyif, k1. Rep from * around.

Round 5-6 (Col B): knit all sts.

Round 7 (Col A): sl2 wyib, PU1 (see special sts), *sl5 wyib, PU1. Rep from * around. End with sl3 wyif

Round 8 (Col A): sl2 wyif, *k1, sl5 wyif. Rep from * around. End with k1, s3 wyib. Round 9-10 (Col B): knit all sts.

Round 11 (Col A): *sl5 wyib, PU1. Rep from * around.

Repeat Rounds 4 - 11 until you're happy with the height of the cowl ending after round 11.. Please note the ribbing to finish off will measure approx 1".


Round 1 (Col A): k all sts

Round 2-3 (Col A): k1, p1 around.


Cast off and weave in ends. Watch video for techniques to close up the gap.


Knit Regan Cowl

Video Tutorial



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I love all of your patterns! I was wondering if you have a crochet version for your patterns Knit Regan Cowl as well as the matching hat? I hope you do, it’s adorable!

Thank you for sharing your creativity💜 Brandy

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