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Knit Drop Stitch Tutorial

Today's tutorial is on the Knit Drop Stitch. This stitch is a great addition for a lacy design in any project.




co – Cast on

st(s) - Stitch(es)

yo - Yarn over

k – Knit

p - Purl

rep – Repeat

In the example in my video, I used a US 11 /8mm Needle with worsted weight yarn because this video is created to assist with my Knit Breezy Tank pattern which use the same needle size and weight yarn.

If you're not following a pattern and you're just practicing, cast on any number of sts.

The drop stitch is worked in 2 rows. the instructions are based on my first example from the video tutorial (at bottom of post).

Right side: *yo twice, k1. Rep from * to end.

Wrong side: *p1, drop the yo st. Rep from * to end.

That's it!

In the video I also demonstrated working the drop stitch with only ONE yarn over stitch. You can wrap the yarn around your needle as many times as you'd like (within reason). The more stitches you wrap on your needles, the longer the drop stitch is. Here's an example of what that looks like. I started from the bottom. The first drop stitch, I wrapped the yarn around my needle 3 times. In the next drop stitch, I wrapped the yarn around 2 times and the 3rd and remaining drop stitches, I wrapped the yarn around only once.


Knit Drop Stitch

Video Tutorial




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