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Yarn Wall Art Tutorial

I've been a busy bee cleaning my craft room. Once I started, there was no stopping me. I've put it off for a long time. It got so bad that I couldn't walk in it. Yarn was taking over the whole room! I could barely see any floor!

Now I'm finally getting close to finishing the room. I started to look for things to hang on my walls. I found these frames that I purchased awhile ago as photo props. I hung it on an empty wall and was planning to stick 4x6 photos on the wall but then I thought I have all these left over yarn I need to use for something so I decided to make something simple that involved yarn.


  • Yarn. I'm using Red Heart's with Love in Pewter & Papaya (left over yarn from the Hudson Triangle Scarf.

  • Good pair of scissors

  • Frame (you can use a wooden dowel, driftwood, or anything to tie the yarn to). The inside of my frame measured 8.25 x 11.25 inches.



Step 1: Measure your frame (or whatever you're using) & determine colors & length of yarn you need to cut. My frame was 8.25" by 11.25" on the inside. That's what I focused on. I decided to use colors that was in the frame itself. So I looked in my scrap pile and found a papaya & pewter color. Why not?!?

When I started, I actually didn't have a design in mind. I was just winging it so I didn't plan for what I needed (I know, I'm a rebel right?) haha

I measured the length of the yarn by folding it in half and making sure it was longer than the whole frame (from the outside edges) which was 11.75" x 15".

Step 2: Cut your yarn.

I cut strands that measured 33" long which folded in half was approx. 16.5". This gave me a couple of inches to play with and shape at the bottom. Remember that you're also wrapping the top of the frame (wood, stick, etc) so factor that in when you're measuring the length needed for each strand.

The length of the yarn you need to cut depends on how long your frame is or if you're using a wooden stick or anything else, it ultimately depends how long you want the yarn to hand down. Keep in mind that you will be shaping and trimming the bottom so give yourself extra length.

The number of strands you need to cut depends on how wide your project will be. I randomly cut as many as I thought I needed and then ended up cutting more when needed. I actually cut too much of the papaya color... so I would start with less than you need & you can always cut more. I ended up with 15 strands of papaya on each side (30 strands total) and 13 strands of the pewter color. So I used a total of 43 strands of yarn.

Step 3: Attach to your frame (wood, stick, etc.).

Start by folding strand in half and then with the loop end, I insert it around the frame from over the top around to bottom. I don't think it matters how you attach it. It's personal preference. I tried going under and I liked over better. Now insert the other end down into the loop and pull through. Try not to let the 2 strands cross (like I did in left strand in photo) unless you want that look (on the frame).

Again, I wasn't sure how I was going to do this. I just started adding the yarn. I decided midway that the papaya would go on the sides and the pewter would be in the center.

I ended up adding 15 strands of the papaya color on the left & right sides. My son came in to help for a little bit. I took it down from the wall and hung it on my new chair (I bought during my remake of the craft room).

Then I added the pewter yarn. I was able to add 13 strands to fill in the middle space.

Step 4: Trim and shape the bottom (unless you want to leave it as is!).

So I actually tried tying the strands in knots where the knots made a angled design but then I undid the knots and just decided to go with a "V" shape at the bottom. There's so many possibilities. Let your imagination and creativity guide you!

Step 5: Hang it up, stand back and enjoy!

Sometimes the simple things make me happy :)

Hope you enjoyed this little easy tutorial!


Yarn Wall Art

Video Tutorial




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