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Wool & The Gang - All Over You Wrap Kit

Wool & The Gang has several new kits and yarn colors! When asked if I'd like to play with new kits, YES! YES! YES! I fell in love with the Bronzed Olive color!

I admit I was a bit in a rush when I picked the All Over You Wrap Kit so I didn't realize it was knitted with a jumbo pair of needles (25mm). When the kit arrived, I was shocked at how big the bag was (not that I mind at all). What better way to show off the size than to have a little man hold it? :)

I started right away and was very excited to start. I have never knitted with straight needles in this needle size. I do have circular needles in 25mm but I wanted to use the needles it came with to truly test out the kit.

I hate gauge swatching but with garments, you sorta need to. This kit is meant to be over-sized so I was not as worried. My gauge didn't match but I knew if it came out a little larger, I was okay with that! Look how beautiful it is working up...

The wool is soft (as usual) and the pattern is really easy. The construction of the wrap is simple with minimal sewing (my least favorite thing to do). It's really nice to work with. I'm a continental knitter and so that's exactly how I knitted this piece. I thought I'd work the traditional way but it was still uncomfortable.

My husband and I went on a mini getaway to celebrate our 10 year anniversary over the weekend and I knew the setting would be a beautiful place to take some photos. It was a little chilly so it was perfect for keeping me warm.

I definitely recommend this kit for anyone, especially beginners because it's really simple and the stitches are big and easy to see.


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