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Tutorials for Lefties (Left Handed)!

Hello Lefties! I was asked if I could provide left handed videos so, I am converting existing videos to Left Handed Tutorials.

See the playlist here.

Are you thinking about Crocheting? A lot of people get confused with needle art. They think that crochet and knitting are the same thing. Sure, you use tools to make something out of yarn but they are so different in so many ways. Crochet uses one crochet hook and knitting uses 2 needles.

When I first picked up a hook, I held it like a pen/pencil. This is ebcause the first few videos that I watched were demonstrated this way. Over the months, it was taking a toll on my hands. I later learned that there's more than one way to hold it. I tried the knife hold and that was the end of my search for my favorite!

Over the years, I've taught crochet and I've seen it held many ways. I always tell folks to hold it however it is comfortable for them. I provide 2 options and they decided how they want to hold it.

How to Crochet Playlist: See it here

I have already established a playlist and I try to add videos more frequently. I started to convert recent videos to left handed tutorials because it's what I have on my laptop. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of my videos recently when my hard drive crashed. So, please hang tight while I try to get the videos converted.

In the meantime, you can watch what is already there and if there are specific videos I have that yu want converted, please let me know and I'll put those on top of the list!

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Don't forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and click on the notification bell so that you get notified when a new Left Handed Tutorial is live! Since most of the videos are already posted in blogs, you won't see a blog post for it. I will add the new videos to the exisitng blog posts.



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