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Tunisian Reverse Stitch (TRS) Tutorial

The Tunisian Reverse Stitch (trs) is worked similar to the Tunisian Simple Stitch but in the back vertical bars instead of the front. This stitch looks almost like the Tunisian Purl Stitch (tps).

If you don't know the basics, check out my Tunisian Cast On and Tunisian Simple Stitch posts!

For this tutorial, I chained 10 stitches. Work into the 2nd stitch from the hook, insert your hook, yarn over & pull up a loop. Keep all loops on your hook and continue across.

Now work a return pass.

Return Pass (RetP): Chain 1, then repeat *yarn over and pull through 2 loops*

After working the foundation row, you can start working the tps.

Forward Pass (FwP): To work this stitch, you need to work into the back loops inserting your hook into 2nd vertical bar and pulling up a loop. Repeat across.

Cast off: To cast off, you will insert your hook into the first vertical bar in the back (as you've been doing) and pull up a loop. Now, you want to pull through the loop on your hook as well. You no longer want to keep all the loops on your hook.

Repeat the steps for casting off until the end and fasten off. Weave in ends.


Here are some Tunisian Hooks available. I own all of these. The Bamboo ones will warp if not stored flat. Mine were in a cup (standing up) and warped over time! My favorites are the Interchangeable sets. I like that the Denise interchangeable set come in larger sizes. I actually ordered 2 sets to use as a circular double ended hook. Knitter's Pride has larger hooks but they are sold separately.

There are double ended straight hooks for knitting with 2 colors at the same time. These are great for working with 2 colors (and in the round).



Here is a quick video demonstrating the Tunisian Reverse Stitch (trs)


Tunisian Reverse Stitch (trs) Tutorial




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