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Chunky Tunisian Lapghan (with your arms!) Pattern + Video

Hi Friends! Today's free pattern and tutorial are made using your arms! The lapghan uses Tunisian Crocheting stitches.

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Here's a link to my Tunisian Crochet Videos: Watch now!

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GAUGE | US I/5.5mm In Pattern

1” = 2 Stitches | 1Row

YARN | Mainstays, Roving (7 balls, 182 yards)

These are not practical for blankets BUT I found them at the dollar tree so I couldn't help myself!

*Yardage will vary depending on the size of your arm.




ch - Chain st(s) - Stitch(es) FwP - Forward Pass RetP - Return Pass tss - Tunisian Simple Stitch yo - Yarn Over sc - Single Crochet

SKILL LEVEL – Easy (Video)

NOTES – Pattern is written in US terms.

foundation ch18. Work a foundation row as follows: *insert hand in 2nd ch from arm & place new loop on arm (2 loops on arm). Rep across (18 sts on arm)

note: this is the width of the afghan. ch more sts for a wider afghan, less for a thinner afghan. every 3 sts = 2 more inches.

row 1 FwP: tss in every st across. insert through 2 loops at end and draw up a loop onto arm. RetP: ch1, *yo, pull through 2 loops on arm. Rep from * until there's only 1 loop on your arm.

repeat pattern repeat row 1 for a total of 19 rows or until the desired length. bind off

insert hand under verticle bar as if to tss, yo, pull through all loops. optional edging - 1sc in same st, 1sc along the side (1 sc st per row). end with 1 last sc in the corner st.

finishing fasten off & secure ends. blocking is not necessary.




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