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Tunisian Crochet - Beginners

Tunisian Crochet is also known as Afghan Crochet or Cro-Hooking. Tunisian hooks (or Afghan hooks) are used. They're longer than typical crochet hooks and has a stopper at the opposite end of the hook. Since stitches are picked up (crocheted) and placed on the hook, all the stitches need a stopper to prevent it from falling off.

Tunisian Crochet is almost like a cross between knitting and crocheting and is quite simple. It can be mindless crocheting sometimes (so watch out if you're using special stitches!).

I wanted to get back into Tunisian Crochet now that things have slowed down (just a little bit). I know it will pick back up again (with my day job).

Even thought I've work Tunisian Crochet, I've never written a pattern for it and terminologies are different. So I figured I'd start at the beginning and provide some info before designing and publishing.

These are abbreviations common for Tunisian:

First, you should learn how to Cast on (see post here) and then, the basic Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS). Most (I think all- I could be wrong!) stitches start with casting on the same way.

In order to complete "one row" you need to work both the forward pass & return pass. When you work the forward pass, you end up with large holes/gaps like this:

So you need to work a forward pass to close up the holes/gaps.

Tunisian is then worked back and forth in the front (right side) of your work. If you continue this, you will be working the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS). Check out the Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) post after learning how to cast on! I show you how to cast off in the tss post but there is also a separate post just for casting off here.

Here are some Tunisian Hooks available. I own all of these. The Bamboo ones will warp if not stored flat. Mine were in a cup (standing up) and warped over time! My favorites are the Interchangeable sets. I like that the Denise interchangeable set come in larger sizes. Knitter's Pride has larger hooks but they are sold separately.

There are hooks that have a "Hook" on both ends for knitting with 2 colors at the same time. I haven't gotten into that just yet!



Here is a quick video. I will be working on different Tunisian stitches after the TSS & other basic stitches.


Tunisian Crochet - Beginners




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