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Trying Macrame for the first time!

Happy Friday! I tried my very first Macrame Project.

I purchased so many kits from but I started with this small mini kit. When I recorded the video, my mic died and I didn't know so that delayed my editing process!

Anyway, I failed so horribly because the kit uses mostly square knots. Well, I only tied HALF of the square knot through the whole thing!

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I even shared an image (of the failed attempt) on Instagram! So embarrassing. LOL Okay, not that embarrassing. We all have to start somewhere when learning new things!

I redid the whole thing and absolutely love it! My other kits haven't arrived yet but I can't wait to start on those! Oh, and did I mention I also purchased Embroidery Kits! haha

Back to the kit, it came with the wooden dowel, instructions and enough cord for one project. I ran out of rope due to my own fault so I had to improvise and fringe the bottom.

If you knit or/and crochet, I have free patterns on my blog and ad-free pdfs in my shops. Visit today and save them to your favorites!

Here's a not-so-good video of my experience or watch it on YouTube (please subscribe!)

Let me know if you've tried Macrame. If you're an expert, I'd love to hear some tips and tricks!

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