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Tina Tape Yarn & Giveaway!

Head over to Instagram to enter to win your very own

Wool & The Gang Kit!

I was contacted by Wool & The Gang about trying their new Tina Tape yarn launching today! Would I?? I don't think you need to even ask if I'd like to play with new yarn! YES! A MILLION YES(ES)!

Originally I planned to make a crop top but then when I received it, I knew that I wanted to make a bonnet for a friend.

The Tina Tape Yarn is soft, and light. I loved working with it. I chose to use a smaller needles (6.5mm) so I can achieve tighter stitches.

The Seed stitched worked up nicely and I had no issues of the yarn being slippery (asked by a follower on Instagram).

They have a whole new line of kits available using this yarn and I'm especially in love with the Addicted to Love Cardigan Kit and will need to get my hands on it soon! Their Tina Tape Make Along starts on May 28th so go grab your knit or enter to win one on my Instagram!

Here is a description from their webpage.

"Tina Tape Yarn is 100% vegan, uses no harmful chemicals and saves water. This 0.5cm flat tape is softer than silk and cooler than linen. It's super soft to knit with, perfect for tops, dresses and sweaters. Simply the best! Tina Tape Yarn uses renewable energy and is made of fibre from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees. Tina Tape Yarn Lyocell fibre is manufactured by Lenzing fibres in a closed-loop system, which means resources like water and solvents get reused instead of ending up as pollution and waste."

I ended up with a beautiful airy bonnet which will be perfect for the cool spring/summer mornings.

They have graciously offered a giveaway which includes any of the kits (using the Tina Tape yarn) to celebrate the launch of this awesome new yarn! Head over to my Instagram page for details!

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