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Red Heart's Chic Sheep Yarn Review

When Red Heart contacted me and ask if I'd like to try a new product, I had no idea what it was. They didn't say and one day, it just arrived at my door.

I was surprised to see 2 balls of their new Chic Sheep yarn which is 100% Merino Wool. Each ball is 186 yards/3.5oz. It is a medium (4) weight yarn & recommends a 5mm crochet hook & 5mm knitting needles. It's machine washable and it recommends laying flat to dry. I hardly every machine wash anything I make out of yarn except some acrylic yarn or pieces I don't care about.

I received the perfect combination of colors (Platinum & Sunset) and I knew exactly what I wanted to make right away!

Look all the beautiful colors available!

Personally, I don't think Red Heart gets enough love. When I use Red Heart yarn & post photos on my Instagram (@designsbyphanessa) account, I get a lot of comments about how much their yarn sucks and how scratchy it is, etc. Sure, some of them are rough and scratchy but not all of them. I love to use Red Heart Yarn & yes, it's cheap but I'm okay with that. I like affordable and I'm a yarn hoarder but a frugal one. ha-ha When I started to crochet, I bought mostly Red Heart brand because it was affordable and also had a large variety of colors. If I couldn't afford to play with yarn, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. I still buy and own a lot of Red Heart yarn.

Anyway, back to the Chic Sheep Merino Wool..... it's soft and I'll admit that even though I use wool yarn, I don't actually wear them because it's itchy. These didn't feel itchy to me... I got lucky with the many allergies! My poor boys have inherited both mommy & daddy's allergies and skin problems! That's another story!

The yarn is soft to the touch and I had little issues working with it. And I say little because there were more than one knot (not being one continuous strand of yarn) in the Platinum ball of yarn. I used up the whole ball. I only used half of the Sunset color but didn't find any knots in that ball of yarn. It was inconsistent.

I knew that the crochet the Fair Isle Slouch Beanie would be the perfect pattern & the yarn worked beautifully for this pattern (purchase pattern now).

Either way, I would buy this yarn (on sale, of course) and would use it again.. & again.. & again. Of course, i'm no yarn expert and everyone has their own personal preference with yarn. I feel like i'm pretty open to all types of yarn! I've loved yarn people hated, & absolutely hated working with some yarn people seem to love....

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for a Chic Sheep Yarn giveaway (coming very soon)!

Check out the Crochet Riverleigh Sweater & Crochet Fair Isle Beanie I made with their Ombre yarn. I absolutely LOVE it! My lucky model got to go home with both and she was so ecstatic!


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