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The New O'GO Yarn First Impression Review!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

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Hi Friends! I'm so excited that I finally get to share my thoughts on this new O'Go yarn! It's a new way to use your favorite Bernat Blanket Yarn! I'm so honored to be a part of testing this yarn (which hits stores today)!

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So what's the hype??? I only tried the O'Go Blanket Yarn which is a category #6 but the Colorama is the same concept (except it's a category #5).

Here's a look at the Colorama:

Here's info on the O'Go Bernat Blanket Yarn directly from's website

Bernat Blanket O'Go is the same super bulky chenille-style Bernat Blanket yarn you know and love, now in the new innovative O'Go format. Unlike any other format, the new O'Go style creates a quick start and smooth stitching experience. With no more yarn tangles, you can pick up your yarn and O'Go straight into stitching your next blanket, afghan, or pillow.

  • Bernat

  • 100% Polyester

  • #6

  • 300g

  • 220 yds

  • 8sts 13R on 8 mm

  • 7Sc 8R 8mm

  • Machine Wash and tumble dry

My first Thought

It's HUGE! This is awesome. I chose the Milk & Honey Color because I love the color combo!

Do you have issues with tangled yarn while you're working on a project? I can't tell you how much time I spend trying to detangle my balls of yarn! I often hear my husband's comments as he walks by "That does not look like fun"... Gee thanks husband, wanna help? Of course he doesn't! LOL my kids try but get bored. So.... may times I give up, cut the yarn and reattach. And I repeat until it's all untangled. What a pain!

With the O'Go yarn, you snip the little plastic that holds it together (which I just pull and it snaps). Then you just pull the tail and start your project. The way it it pulls prevents it from tangling... and it really does!

What am I making? Something cozy and squishy! It's a surprise! Keep your eyes open for the review soon! I decided to go with a Tunisian project.... I didn't try to separate The colors all at once. I just used what I needed and started a new ball(?). My son says it's a "moon" yarn. Now he wants a crocheted moon! I hadn't noticed before but yes, when snipped, it is in the shape of a crescent.

I really enjoyed working with the O'Go yarn! The one issue I found is if you don't snip the little plastic, the yarn will tangle in that! Not a big deal! The color change is not gradual. The ends are just tied together which isn't a problem for me.

When I used the previous Bernat Blanket Yarn to design my Among Us Crewmate Plush, I kept getting it tangled. It's a big ball and it's fluffy so it falls apart so this experience has been so much better!



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