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Magic Loop Method - How to Video Tutorial

Hi Friends! I finally have a magic loop video tutorial! First, I'd like to provide a disclaimer that I am no expert. I'm learning myself so I am not responsible for any harm related to yarn & needles flying across your room! ha-ha But seriously, I truly believe that we can do anything if we give it our all and we want to succeed!

In my efforts to learn using Double Pointed Needles (DPNs), I also practiced the magic loop method. A lot of you responded to my Instagram post and most of you love the Magic Loop Method. I thought I would too. Every so often, I try to work it out but end up giving up because it takes too long or other priorities come up!

I put aside time to learn how to use DPNs properly. I can't say that I am good at it now! I've been using 3 different types of knitting in the round with a small circumference. I've always liked the modified version of the magic loop which I use often to close my beanies. But what about socks and mittens, etc? I'd need to be knitting in a small circumference for the whole thing!

Up next are the Flexible Needles and just your good old fashion, Double Pointed Needles.

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I used yarn from my Knit Crate box. This is the Vidalana Tweedy Sheep in Pumpkin Spice Everything. I made this one for my son's 6th grade teacher for the holidays and her favorite color is orange. Also, I named it after her, Gisela. In the tutorial, I used Red Heart Super Saver, Real Teal.

I invested a lot in these tools because I was determined to improve! I purchased different DPNs from generic brands to sets that costs over $100. Yes, they're high in price but the quality is amazing.

I have a lot of interchangeable needle sets but I don't have bamboo ones like the Clover Tukami set shown above. These were around $90 on Amazon and I think that's a great price! I did use Knitter's Pride Ginger Special set for the Video Tutorial since I had my Clovers on a different project.

I needed a set that wouldn't slip off easily because most of what i have were meant to fast knitting! I dropped stitches too often and got frustrated! So i LOVE these. If you wanted to just practice, you can get a fixed circular needle, which is less than $10.

You can even go generic fixed circular needles which comes in multiple sizes for an affordable price at around $10 for 18 pairs! I purchased these when i first taught myself to knit. I wasn't sure if I could do it and didn't want to invest in a good interchangeable set.

Knitpal has a set you can choose from as far as the different cable lengths.

Okay! Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the magic loop method!

In the tutorial, I am working with only 30 stitches so I used a 32" cable. I think the longer, the better (although I tend to get tangled in them!).

Watch the step by step video or if you prefer, scroll down for a photo tutorial.

Step 1: Cast on required number of stitches

Step 2: Divide the stitches in half sliding each set to the tips of the needles. Keep in mind you should divide according to your stitch pattern. For example, I had 30 stitches and divided it in half 15/15 and it works out because my stitch pattern is in multiples of 5. If you need an even number of sts, you'd want to split that 16/14.

Step 3: Make sure your stitches are not twisted. All my loops are on top with no twisting. Place them together (aligned) with the needle that has the working yarn (your last cast on stitch) is on the back. You will work on the stitches on your FRONT needle. You will pull the needle from the stitches on the BACK, keeping your stitches in the same place by holding on to the base.

Step 4: Knit across from the front needle using the needle you just pulled from the back stitches.

Step 5: Once you've knitted all stitches on the front needle, turn your work. Now the front needle is in the back. Pull on the cord to bring the other needle until the loose stitches are on the needle (Yellow Arrow).

Step 6: Now, pull the needle from the back (Red Arrow).

And then... you just repeat these steps. Knit across from the front needle using the needle you just pulled from the back stitches. Turn when you're done, adjust your needles, pull the needle in front until stitches are on the needle, then pull the back needle to start knitting again.

For myself, I kept a few things in mind to help me remember what to do.

  1. Keep your stitches aligned

  2. I keep my working yarn in the back (coming out of the enter - between 2 needles)

  3. Always pull the needle from the BACK

  4. Always knit stitches from the FORNT needle.

Once I the first set of hand warmers, I felt very comfortable knitting with the magic loop method. I've made so many more hand warmers as gifts since then! I was quite pleased with how fast it took to complete a pair. And you know me, fast is good when you have little time!

I have a chunky version that's listed but the Gisela Hand Warmers are still being tested and will be released soon. The video for this will also be up on my You Tube Channel, so don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification button so you don't miss it!

You can find the pdf pattern for the KNit Chunky Fingerless Gloves in my shops or save it as a favorite.

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If you need assistance with knitting tutorials, visit my Youtube Channel. Please subscribe to my channel while you're there!

Thank you in advance for the support!



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