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Magic Ring (How to) Tutorial

One of the things I avoided when learning crochet years ago was the Magic Ring (or Magic Circle). It looked so intimidating. I started learning how to make hats/beanies. If you work in the round starting at the top of a hat, learning the magic ring is vital! Yes, vital. This method helps close that first round of stitches nice and tight. No one wants a hole on top, do they? I suppose you can hide it with a pom! That was not acceptable for me.

Once I finally got over the intimidation, I set out to look for videos and after a couple of attempts, I thought "What was I so afraid of?" I should have started sooner!

This video tutorial (at the bottom of post) provides a step by step tutorial on working the magic ring using double crochet (dc) stitches. If you were working other stitches, you would just replace whatever it is you're using instead of double crochet stitches.

I hope to add more tutorials in the near future (for both crochet & knitting). Check out my knitting tutorials as well!

The below photos are from my Granny Square Tutorial & Video (Check it out!). I used the Magic ring to start my granny square.


Magic Ring​ (How to) Video Tutorial



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