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Magic Loop (Modified) Method Tutorial

When I first started to knit, I started using circular needles because I made mostly beanies. I closed my beanies on top with double pointed needles. I hated working with them from the very first start. I did some research and learned that I could use the Magic Loop Method but I wasn't happy with that either since I had to switch out to a longer cable. I've always wanted to find ways to work faster because I have very little time.

I kept using the double pointed needles (because I thought they were better than switching to longer cables). Everything felt like I was fighting with my tools! Fighting with the cables & fighting with the double pointed needles was really annoying.

One day, I decided to keep the 16" cables while I closed to see how far I can get... then I discovered a modified version of the magic loop method! Now, I'm not saying I invented it because I'm sure it's out there. I just have never seen it while doing my research and I happen to discover this technique by accident, and a very happy accident. It changed the way I knitted my beanies! So, today, I want to share with you how I use a modified magic loop method.


Magic Loop (modified) Method Video Tutorial



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