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Knit Lawsons Beanie Pattern & Tutorial

Hi there! It's that time again to donate Blue hats to Lion Brand Yarn for National Bullying Prevention Month (October)! For more info on donating your hats, please click here. As usual a portion of sales are donated for this cause!

This project is sponsored by but the design and my opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I receive a small amount from purchases you make through these links at no extra cost to you. Please see bottom of post for more information on privacy and disclosures.

One of my all time favorite Lion Brand Yarn is the Wool-Ease Thick and Quick so it's no surprise that I used this yarn!

I started designing using just one color but then I thought it might look cool with 2 colors so I used Hometown USA (it's what I had while camping) and I also loved it!

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Knit Beanie Patterns in Ravelry
Knit Beanie Patterns Collection

The ad-free, printable pattern is available in my shop.

Pattern is also available on Etsy, Knit Crate, Love Crafts, and Ravelry shops.

GAUGE | Stockinette in US15/10mm 4” = 10 Stitches | 14 Rows/Rounds

YARN & Pom Pom

Super Bulky #6 (40-106 yards)

NEEDLES | Knitter’s Pride Ginger US 13/9mm BRIM – 16” Circular Needles US 15/10mm BODY – 16” Circular Needles US 15/10mm Double Pointed Needles


mc/cc – Main/Contrasting Color

co Cast on st(s) – Stitch(es) k Knit ktbl Knit through back loop

p Purl sl – Slip

rep – Repeat rem – Remaining

k3tog – Knit 3 sts together

p2tog – Purl 2 sts together

dpn – Double Pointed Needles

kfbKnit front and back: knit the next stitch through front loop, do not slip off, knit the same stitch through the back loop.

LEVEL – Intermediate

Notes: This pattern is written for both solid and colorwork versions.

You may sell the finished items but please credit original designer and reference back to: Designs by Phanessa.


This is just a standard head sizing chart provided for your convenience. This is not the finished beanie size. Sizes may differ due to knitter’s tension and type of yarn used.

Instructions | In US Terms

Sizes: Baby (Toddler, Child, Adult, Lg Adult)

BRIM | US13/9mm Needles

With mc, co 36 (38, 40, 42, 44) add stitch marker and join, careful not to twist sts.

Rounds 1- 5 (6, 7, 7, 8): *k1, p1. Rep from * around. Adjust brim height as desired.

Tip! Knit tbl of the k sts for a twisted brim.

BODY | US15/10mm Needles

Set up Round (mc)

Baby: k all sts. (36 sts)

Toddler: kfb, k rem sts. (39 sts)

Child: [k20, kfb] twice. (42 sts)

Adult: k all sts. (42 sts)

Large Adult: kfb, k rem sts. (45 sts)

Round 1: *(mc) k1, (cc) k next st without removing from left-hand needle, bring yarn forward, p the same st & the next st together. Place yarn in the back. Rep from * around.

Round 2: *k1 (mc), k2 (cc). Rep from * around.

Round 2 (solid): k all sts.

Rep rounds 1-2 until:

· Fitted: 1” below desired height measurement ending after round 2. (see chart).

· Slouch: 1-2” above desired height measurement ending after round 2. (see chart).

Measure from the bottom of brim up. Examples: For a 9-year-old, stop at 7” for a fitted beanie, & 10” for a 2” slouch beanie. Adjust as desired.

Decrease Rounds | Switch to dpns when stitches are too tight on circular needles or try the Modified Magic Loop!

Round 1: *(mc) k1, (cc) p2tog. Rep from * around.

Round 2: *(mc) k1, (cc) k1. Rep from * around.

Round 2 (solid): k all sts.

Round 3: *(mc) k1, (cc) p1. Rep from * around.

Round 4 (mc): *k1, p1, k1, k3tog. Rep from * around. K any rem sts.

If you still have too many sts to close the crown, work round 5.

Round 5 (mc): *k1, k2tog. Rep from * around. K any rem sts.

FINISHING Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Using a tapestry needle, weave through remaining stitches as if to knit and pull tight careful not to break yarn. Secure and weave in all ends.

Attach Desired Pom Pom (optional)

Yarn Pom Pom Video Tutorial

Faux Fur Pom Pom Video Tutorial

I’d love to see your completed work!

Please share photos here:


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You may sell products using my patterns, but please give credit and link back to original designer & the patterns. Do NOT use any of my photos or copy/distribute any of my patterns as your own. If you share my free patterns, please link back to original pattern page. Please leave a comment if there are errors to any of my patterns. Thank you!

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Designs by Phanessa is a participant in multiple affiliate programs that provides an advertising commission if you purchase through these links. If you purchase something from the affiliate links, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I DO NOT collect, store, use, or share any data about you.


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