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Knitting Without Needles!

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

If you want a quick project that you can work with just your hands, this Off The Hook Yarn by Lion Brand Yarn is the perfect yarn for you! It's a great and fun project with the little ones too! Their fingers probably work better with these! I had no problem at all myself.

Watch the video tutorial below!

We rescued a dog (Toby) last week and of course, I wanted to make him everything :). ​I started a blanket using this yarn but I took it apart because I wanted to use it for him. Here is my son holding the first blanket at the beach while we were camping at Nevada Beach.

I needed to make a smaller one for our new furry family member.

Here's Toby on his blanky!

The great thing about the Off The Hook Yarn is the loops are already pre-made making it super easy to "knit" up a blanket. It's big so the project goes quick and that's always a plus for me! You can easily measure the yarn for the length/width you want to start with.

I measured 25" and ended up with approx. 23.5" so it wasn't too off and it's not a garment so I wasn't so strict with my gauge.

My Toby Blanket ended up being 23.5 x 24 inches. He's a tiny 9 lb thing so it looks bigger in the photos.

Every time I stepped on it, it feels sooooo soft and cozy that I think my next project for this yarn is going to be a rug!

I used 2 skeins of this yarn in the color Lemon Drop. My son thought I was making it for him and was so sad when I gave it to Toby. I had to remind him that he was already getting a large soft blanket that he and I shopped together for the yarn of his choice. I spoil my babies (human and furry ones).


How to knit a pet blanket

using Off The Hook Yarn





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