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Knitter's Pride Pattern Holder

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts about a pattern holder by Knitter's Pride. Honestly I have never even heard of such a cool tool for patterns! With electronics being the main device used to view patterns, I just never thought about pattern holders.

Before my employer went electronic, I loved using document holders so that I can work hands free (if you will) on my computer. Now, some of you younger folks probably don't know what a document holder is! Do you? hehe

This pattern holder is similar to a document holder. If you're working on a project and you enjoy printing patterns (like I do), this is perfect for you. I have the smaller size but they come in a large too.

I'm old school so I like to print my patterns. I designed my own patterns in a tri-fold (brochure-like) format so that I can fold it and take it to go. This is very useful if I can't remember my own pattern (yes, just like I forget what I need at the grocery store so a list is a must!). I also like to review & edit my patterns directly on the hard copy so I can scribble scrabble on it.

I hated pulling up patterns on my iPad or iPhone because it always shuts off and getting the screen back up is such a obstacle haha for me anyway.

The holder has a nice fabric cover in a few different designs & is secured by a snap button.

When you open it, you can secure the inside using the same snap buttons so your hodler stands up like a tent.

On one side, the pattern holder comes with 1 magnet strip and 3 little ones. I holds your pattern in place.

On the other side, there's a convenient zippered pouch for storage and a pen for jotting down any notes you have.

Here is a quick video. It was my FIRST video of ME (my face) in it. Scary! I'm not a fan. Let me know what you think!?


Knitter's Pride - Pattern Holder

Review Video



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