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Knitter's Pride Ginger Tunisian Hooks - Review

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

I'm super excited about these hooks! I know, I'm always excited about hooks, needles & yarn! What can I say? It might be a problem!

Besides the fact that it's pretty, it works up my projects nicely! No snagging, no pain and just crochets so smoothly.

The Ginger Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set is a gorgeous collection of hand crafted hooks presented by Knitter's Pride. These useful hooks have grooves that help prevent slipped stitches and lets fiber easily glide in every type of material. A nifty denim and beige case holds the accessories for this set and can also be used as a pattern holder!

Let's see what's inside:

12 Hooks E/3.5mm through N/12mm

1 Pen

Magnet Strip for the pattern holder

4 Cords

End Stoppers

4 Keys

2 (cord connectors) Extenders

Stitch Markers

Knitter's Pride Ginger Tunisian Hooks


You can fold the case and convert it into a pattern holder with or without the pockets up.

I started on a project shortly after receiving these! I loved using it. It is probably one of the smoothest hooks I every used.

I made a couple of scarves with it and also used it in a Tunisian Stitch Video Tutorial.

I also have the Ginger Knitting Needle set and I'M SO IN LOVE with that set that I'm going to be hosting a giveaway for it! You don't want to miss that so follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube for details soon!

If you're looking for a good Tunisian set, you'll love this one! I have their Dreamz set too but these feel smoother and more luxurious. If you own other Knitter's Pride interchangeable sets (both knitting & crochet), you can use the same cords for all sets!


Knitter's Pride Ginger Tunisian Hooks





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