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“Traveling Afghan #9” Knit Wrap Mock Stitch Pattern Tutorial

Updated: May 13, 2021

It's almost here! I've been patiently waiting for the knit afghan since Makenzie Alvarez of Hanks and Needles announced that she was sending it my way!

Back in December, I announced in a post my participation in this huge collaboration hosted by Lion Brand Yarns. In conjunction with Lion Brand’s “My Life in Yarn” 2020 campaign, the Traveling Afghans will be a collaborative effort amongst 49 knitwear designers and bloggers from seven different countries!

Please visit Landing page for this awesome collaboration over at Alexandra's blog post here to learn all about how you can participate! I am honored to be part of the Knit Afghan! I'm #9 on the list!

Yarn. Crocheting. Knitting. It's all very meditative for me. During a really hard time in my life, I started to crochet watching youtube. I joined Instagram and received so much love and support. I decided to teach myself knitting too. I tried knitting in high school but I was young and didn't commit to it. It's been so amazing to work with the staff at Lion Brand Yarn and other designers. I love to teach so i'm working on building my YouTube Channel because it's how I learned and I want to giveback by teaching through videos.

#1 - 1/1-1/13 - New York City, USA - Alexandra Tavel of Two of Wands

#2 - 1/15-1/28 - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - Sandra Gutierrez of Nomad Stitches

#3 - 1/29-2/11 - Dublin, Ireland - Katie Moore of The Queen Stitch

#4 - 2/12-2/25 - Nova Scotia, Canada - Kelly Brooks of Knitbrooks

#5 - 2/26-3/10 - Alberta, Canada - Stephanie Lau of All About Ami

#6 - 3/11-3/24 - Alberta, Canada - Chantal Miyagishima of Knitatude

#7 - 3/25-4/7 - BC, Canada - Christie Bodden of Christie Bodden Designs

#8 - 4/8-4/21 - Oregon, USA - Makenzie Alvarez of Hanks and Needles

#9 - 4/22-5/5 - California, USA - Phanessa Fong of Designs by Phanessa

#10 - 5/6-5/19 - California, USA - Angie Bivins of Whistle & Wool

#11 - 5/20-6/2 - California, USA - Jane Tsou of Gorilla Knits

#12 - 6/3-6/16 - Nevada, USA - Chenoa Wilcox of jellyKNITTING

#13 - 6/17-6/30 - Utah, USA - Rachel Misner of Evelyn & Peter

#14 - 7/1-7/14 - Colorado, USA - Jessica Potasz of Mama in a Stitch

#15 - 7/15-7/28 - Kansas, USA - Jerica Tompkins of Yarn Hook Needles

#16 - 7/29-8/11 - Kansas, USA - Mary Lee of Fifty Four Ten Studio

#17 - 8/12-8/25 - Minnesota, USA - Kaitlin Barthold of Originally Lovely

#18 - 8/26-9/8 - Minnesota, USA - Julia Anastasi of Northern Loop Knitwear

#19 - 9/9-9/22 - Winona, MN, USA - Trista Ziemendorf of While They Dream

#20 - 9/23-10/6 - Illinois, USA - Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied

#21 - 10/7-10/20 - Illinois, USA - Jewell Washington of Northknits

#22 - 10/21-11/3 - Michigan, USA - Destiny Meyer of Knifty Knittings

#23 - 11/4-11/17 - Virginia, USA - Nathan Bryant of Loop N Threads

#24 - 11/18-12/1 - Rhode Island, USA - Jake Kenyon of Kenyarn

#25 - 12/2-12/16 - New Jersey, USA - Vanessa Coscarelli Black of Vanessa Knits

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Needles: US 8/5mm



k - Knit

p - Purl

st(s) - Stitch(es)

yo - Yarn Over

sl - Slip

psso – Pass sl st over

rep - repeat

See below for a full video tutorial or click here.

Left Hand Tutorial is also available here.

Get free pdf pattern here.


Slip the first stitch of every row purl-wise with yarn in the back and purl the last st.


Cast on 63 sts or in multiples of 4 sts, plus 3

Row 1 (wrong side): sl1, *k1, p3. Rep from * until last 2 sts, End with k1, p1.

Row 2 (right side): sl1, *p1, sl1, k2, psso the 2 k st. Rep from * to last 2 sts. End with p2.

Row 3: sl1, *k1, p1, yo, p1. Rep from * until last 2 sts. End with k1, p1.

Row 4: sl1, *p1, k3. Rep from * until last 2 sts. End with p2.

Repeat rows 1-4 12 times or until desired size.

For the 10x10” square: Rep rows 1-3 once.

Bind/Cast off.

Weave in all ends.


Knit Wrap Mock Cable Stitch

Video Tutorial


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I am having trouble getting a gauge on travel afghan #9 any suggestions?

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