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Knit Chunky Bamboo Cowl Tutorial

As usual, I'm running behind on teacher Christmas gifts! I decided to make chunky cowls for the ladies at my boy's preschool & my oldest son's 2nd grade teacher.

So, today's pattern & video tutorial is on the Knit Chunky Bamboo Cowl. It measures approximately 26 inches in circumference and 11 inches tall (height). The height is easily adjustable. You can also adjust the circumference by casting on more or less stitches in multiples of 2 (any even number of stitches).

The Bamboo Slouch Beanie pattern is available for purchase on PDF and comes in Baby, Toddler, Child, & Adult sizes. Please visit any of my shops to purchase the pattern. That Pom though? Use the XL Pom Maker by Clover & I have a video tutorial for the pom pom too!


Super Bulky Yarn. I'musing Loops & Threads, Kaleidoscope in Peridot. I used just under 2 skeins (77 yards per skein).

US 15, 10mm 24" Circular needles.


Tape Measure

Yarn Needle

Stitch Marker


co – Cast on

st(s) - stitch(es)

k – Knit

rep – Repeat

yo - Yarn over


Knit loosely or your "bamboo" stitches will be tight.

Co 68.

Add stitch marker and join, careful not to twist your sts.

Round 1: knit all sts

Round 2: *yo, k2. pass yo st over the 2 knit sts. Rep from * around.

Repeat Rounds 1-2 until cowl measures approx. 11 inches or as tall as you’d like (easily adjustable). End after round 1.

Cast off & weave in all ends.

My goal was to use up my 2 skeins so I stopped at 11". I had a little more yarn to go another 2 rounds but I decided to stop. So, it's all personal preference for height of your cowl.

If you want to adjust your circumference, cast on more or less even number of sts. For example, every 2 sts for my gauge was .75" so If I cast on 2 more sts, it will increase my circumference by .75" and if I cast on 2 sts less, my circumference would be .75" smaller.


Knit Chunky Bamboo Cowl

Video Tutorial



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