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Knit Breezy Tank Pattern

Today's free pattern is for a Knit Breezy Tank. I'm using this incredibly soft yarn from Lion Brand called Feels Like Butta, because well, it really does. It's soft and has a really nice drape. This top is made in 2 pieces (front & back) & sewn together at the shoulders and sides.

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  • Worsted Weight Yarn | Lion Brand's Feels Like Butta in 3 different colors, 1 Skein each 340-380 Yards

  • Color A: Charcoal

  • Color B: Red

  • Color C: Ice

  • US 11/8mm Knitting Needles Or needle size to obtain gauge

  • Tapestry Needle

  • Tape Measure

  • Scissor




co – Cast on

st(s) - Stitch(es)

k – Knit

p - Purl

st st - Stockinette Stitch

sl1k - Slip 1 Stitch Knitwise

yo - Yarn Over

rep – Repeat

rem - Remaining

ssk - Skip, Skip, Knit

k2tog - Knit 2 Stitches Together

rs - Right Side

ws - Wrong Side



Special Stitch: Drop Stitch


Pattern Notes:

Finished piece is a loose fitting tank with approx. 3-6” ease. Use the mattress stitch for seaming.


4" = 14 sts | 16 Rows

2" = 7 sts | 8 Rows


Sizes: XS (S, M, L, XL)

Front & Back | Make 2

Color A - Charcoal

Co 63 (70, 79, 84, 91) sts

Row 1-4: *k1, p1. Rep from * to end.

Row 5 (rs): sl1k, k all rem sts

Row 6 (ws): purl all sts.

Rows 7-10: Rep st st rows 5-6 twice.

Row 11: *yo 3x, k1. Rep from * to end.

Row 12: *p1, drop the 3 yo sts. Rep from * to end.

Row 13-18: Rep st st rows 5-6 three times.

Row 19: *yo 2x, k1. Rep from * to end.

Row 20: *p1, drop the 2 yo sts. Rep from * to end.

Color B - Red

Row 21: sl1k, k all rem sts

Row 22: purl all sts.

Rows 23-26: Rep st st rows 21-22 twice.

Row 27: *yo, k1. Rep from * to end.

Row 28: *p1, drop the yo st. Rep from * to end.

Row 29-36: Rep rows 21-28.

Color C – Ice | Armhole Shaping

Row 37: sl1k, ssk, k all rem sts until last 3 sts. k2tog, k.

Row 38: purl all sts.

Row 39-42: Rep rows 37 & 38 twice.

Row 43: yo, k, ssk, *yo, k. Rep from * to last 3 sts. yo, k2tog, yo, k.

Row 44: *p1, drop the yo st. Rep from * to end.

Rows 45-60: Rep rows 37-44 twice.

Rows 61-66: Rep rows 37-42 once.

Sizes L /XL ONLY

Rows 67-68: Rep rows 43-44 once.

Bind off loosely. Block before seaming.


Lay both pieces together. If you are using other seaming methods, make sure the visible seam is on the inside (wrong side).

Side seam

Sew the sides from bottom up to row 36 (before armholes). You may sew in sections of the st st skipping drop sts or ensure yarn is stretched far enough when continuing sewing.

Shoulder seam

Sew 1-2" from edge in to neckline.

Weave in all ends. Turn tank right side out.


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