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Interchangeable Knitting Needles Case

I wanted something to store my interchangeable needles. When I purchased the HiyaHiya set, I used the case it came in but it wasn't a zippered case so my needles kept falling out.

I recently purchased more interchangeable sets and they all came in their own little pouch/bag but I didn't want to carry so many bags.

I went to Amazon (my main spot for shopping now!) and found 2 cases I liked. They were both Teamoy cases.

For both cases:

It's a good size: Approx. 6.5 X 7.5 Inches

It feels durable

The zipper glides nicely There's plenty of room for tools & hooks/needles (but I guess that depends on how much you have!)


I received the first one and realized it was probably not right for my needles so I kept it to hold my crochet tools. I purchased the bag that came with the hooks & tools. It was only $5 more. Both links are provided. I really love the owl case but this design wasn't available for the other case. Please know that some items are missing (that came with the bag) in photos.


Now, this case came a couple of days later. This one fits my needles great! I'm very happy with my purchase and glad I can combine my needles into one convenient case! I'm not too excited about the design but it's not too bad.

What's in the bag (in photo above?)

If you're wondering, the Hiya Hiya needles are my FAVORITE (top set)! The Knitter's Pride Nova Plantina Chunky set (bottom right) is good also but does not work with 16" cables. The Knitter's Pride Dreamz (left wood needles) were just very pretty! haha

Hiya Hiya Review (see review here)

Knitter's Pride Nova Platina Review (coming soon)

Knitter's Pride Dreamz Review (coming soon)



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