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How to use Knit Picks Ball Winder

Updated: May 17, 2019

Hi there! Have you ever wondered how you're going to organize all the scrap yarn that has just enough for a small project? When I first purchased the ball winder, I absolutely loved it! Making a cake and being able to pull the yarn from the center made knitting and crochet so much easier. Sometimes I would wind a whole ball just to make it easier to use. My son loves helping so I let him help! I made the mistake of letting my 4 year old help because he jammed it and although I was able to take it apart and put it together, I lost a screw!

I purchased the exact same one because I've tried other "budget friendly" winders and it just didn't work so well.

If you're winding a regular-o skein of yarn, then all you need is the winder. If you plan to use it to wind up yarn that comes in hanks, you'll also need a Yarn Swift. There are also so many available out there but I originally purchased this budget friendly one and it's still working for me.

I love this ball winder because it's affordable, small, and most importantly, works well. It turns smoothly (unless you're a clumsy 9 year old). It comes in just 3 pieces. I've tried other budget friendly winders and they weren't as smooth and gets stuck often. I don't particularly like having to fight with my ball winder.

On a side note, I tried tons of budget friendly knitting machines like this one but I was so frustrated with it! I gave up and bought the Addi Knitting Machine which is quite expensive in my opinion especially since I purchased the I Want it All set. This is a completely different post though! I've only made one double brimmed beanie & I'm currently working on my first large project...

Back to the ball winder, I wasn't prepared for this video because I only decided to make it right before I was opening it! I'm sorry that I started showing a hank of yarn (Lion Brand's Anya, Super Wash Merino Yarn) but then switched to a partly used skein (because I'm not set up to use the swift with the winder). So if you're interested in seeing that, please leave me a comment and let me know!

The yarn cake that appeared was We Are Knitter's Pima Cotton (one of my fav cotton yarns!).


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