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How to Make a Pom Pom (with a pom pom maker)

What would a beanie be without a pretty (and Super Big) Pom Pom? It'll just be a beanie, I guess. What fun is that? Just so we're clear, I don't add a pom pom to everything. Maybe 95% of my beanies ha-ha.

So let's talk about the pom pom maker. The one I use most of the time is Clover's XL Pom Pom Maker. It's my favorite to use. It's what I use on my beanies.


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Pom Pom Maker


Sharp Scissors

Tapestry Needle (appropriate size for your yarn)


Using the pom pom maker, wrap yarn around pom pom maker until it's nice and full. You can wrap less rounds if you want a looser pom. For worsted weight yarn, I wrap it unitl it's full like the photo below (With super bulky yarn, I wrap it 3-5 times).

Cut the middle using a sharp pair of scissors (or you'll be fighting with the thickness of the pom).

Once pom is cut, run a long piece of yarn through the middle and tie a knot, wrap it around the other end and tie 2 more knots.

Attach it to the top of the beanie (or whatever it is you're making). Tie a couple of knots and then run the ends back up through the pom with the yarn needle and trim it on the other side. Trim as necessary to get nice round Poms.


Pom Pom Tutorial



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