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How to Knit & Purl Tutorial - Continental for Crocheters!

One of the first things you learn when you want to knit is how to cast on. My previous blog post and video tutorial shows you how to cast on using the Long Tail Cast on Method (Watch it now!).

The next thing you need to learn is how to knit the basic stitches. The most basic stitches are the Stocking or Stockinette Stitches. One side of your work (right side) is Knit Stitches and the back side (wrong side) are Purl Stitches.

My last post was a demonstration on how to knit & purl in a Traditional English Style (Watch it now!). Today's video will show you how to Knit & Purl, Continental Style. If you're a crocheter first, like I was, you might find this method much easier and comfortable. Of course, everyone is different but if you find that you were struggling with the traditional style, give this a chance! It's the reason I didn't stop knitting!

In Continental style knitting, you hold your yarn on your left hand and wrap it around your fingers in the same style you would do while crocheting (assuming that's how you crochet!). In the Traditional style, you use your right hand to wrap the yarn around your needle in order to complete a knit or purl stitch. I struggled with this but maybe that's just me!

See the smilarities with how I crochet & knit? Check out these photos!


How to Knit & Purl (Continental) Video Tutorial



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