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How to Crochet the Tunisian Simple Stitch

When I first heard of Tunisian Crochet, I thought "How cool is that? It looks like crochet & knitting!"

So I purchased a set of Tunisian hooks and started learning how to crochet the different types of Tunisian Stitches. I quickly learned that I didn't care for it that much. There's nothing wrong with it. If you know me, you'll know I hate working on things I feel takes too long. Because Tunisian is worked on one row at a time, much like knitting, it takes much longer to work each row.

It's very pretty with worsted weight yarn but takes way too long!

Regardless, I still think it's very pretty and have made projects using my larger Tunisian hooks.

I have recorded a quick video on how to do the Tunisian Simple Stitch (in super bulky yarn of course!)



Recommended Size Tunisian Crochet Hook


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Step 1: Start with a slip knot and chain as many chains as you'd like.

Step 2: Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook and pull up a loop, leaving loop on hook.

Step 3: *Insert hook into next stitch and pull up a loop. Repeat from * to end

You should have the same number of loops on hook as the number of chain stitches you started with.

Now working backwards

Step 4: Yarn over & pull up a loop (Chain 1)

Step 5: *Yarn over & pull through 2 loops. Repeat from * to end

Step 6: Insert hook through 2nd vertical bar from edge & pull up a loop

Step 7: *Insert hook through next vertical bar & pull up a loop. Repeat from * to end

Repeat Steps 4-7 until you're happy with size of work.


Step 1: Insert hook through 2nd vertical bar from edge & pull through the vertical bar and through the loop on hook.

Step 2: *Insert hook through next bar & pull through all loops (including the one on hook). Repeat from * to end.

Fasten off.


Video Tutorial by Phanessa Fong



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