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How to Change Yarn Colors (Crochet)

Here is a quick tutorial on a few methods to change colors when working with more than one color in your crochet project such as my recent patterns, the Granny Infinity Scarf & The Gran Gran Slouch Beanie.

While there are so many different methods, these are probably the 3 methods I use the most.

Fasten off & fasten on:

This method is pretty straight forward. I use this method when I'm attaching the new yarn to a different area of the work than where I ended the last yarn color. You can also use it to continue in the same stitch. But who likes to create more work? :) I avoid fasten off and fasten on if I'm not fastening on somewhere else in my work...

You simply fasten off when you're done with one color and fasten on the new color.

Create a slip knot with the new color yarn.

Insert your hook into the stitch you want to attach new yarn & place the loop (created with slip knot) onto the hook.

Pull new yarn color through the stitch.

Continue on with pattern.

Changing during a slip stitch:

I use this method from time to time. It really depends on my mood....

When you're getting ready to slip stitch into a stitch (at the end of the row or round, for example) and you're ready to add a new color...

Insert your hook into the stitch you are going to work a slip stitch in but don't grab the same color yarn.

Fold the new color yarn to form a loop and grab that loop with your hook.

Pull the new color yarn through the stitch & the loop on the hook to complete the slip stitch instead of grabbing the old color.

Tie 2 knots with the 2 strands of different color yarn for extra security.

Continue on with pattern.

Changing after completing a slip stitch:

I use this method the most. It is very similar to the last method.

After you slip stitch into your last stitch, pull your hook out of the loop.

Fold new yarn color to create a loop.

Run new color loop through old color loop.

Insert hook into the loop of the new color yarn.

Pull on the old color yarn from the back of work to tighten until you can't see the old color in the front of the work.

Tie 2 knots with the 2 strands of different colors in the back.

Continue with pattern.

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by! What is your favorite way to change colors? I love learning new methods!


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