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How I Knit- Continental Style

When I first cast on my first project, I was on YouTube watching tutorials on how to Cast On, Knit & Purl. 

I was fumbling around with the straight needles and dropping my stitches and loosing my place in my work. I started to get very frustrated. Is knitting for me? Am I taking on more than I can handle? Why is this so hard? All these doubts and questions were getting to my head. I wanted to throw my needles down and give up. 

Well, if you know me, I can be pretty persistent. I started to do more research. I found that while straight needles are fine, circular needles would be easier on my hands (I have pain in my hands that prevent me from a squeezing motion) & gripping needles hurt my wrists & hands. I also discovered that as a beginner, wood or bamboo needles were easier to learn with because it didn't slip off needles as easily. After more research, I discovered the Continental Style of knitting. 

As a crocheter, this style felt so much more natural for me. Instead of throwing the yarn over the needles with my right hand, I hold yarn on my left hand (like crocheting) and there's no pausing to throw the yarn over my needles. 

I know some would say speed isn't important to them (yes, I've been told this online before), but for me, it is. I am impatient & I have very little time. With 3 little boys & a husband with a crazy work schedule, I need to be as fast as I can. And it's not really all about speed... I enjoyed (even obsessive) with knitting. I'm so in love with it that I wish I had learned earlier in my life. 

I did knit my very first hat (baby hat) in high school. I was taught to knit it the traditional English style and I never wanted to knit again. When I decided later in life that I wanted to knit or crochet, my not-so-fun experience before lead me to start with crochet first. 

In the crochet photos, you'll see that I hold my yarn & tool (hook) exactly the same way I hold my knitting needles.

Anyway, here is a quick video of how I knit and purl continental style. 

I hold my yarn this way while crocheting that's why it feels so natural for me.

I didn't notice until later (when someone asked) that I used my middle finger to guide the stitch I'm going to work on. I also use it to guide the working yarn. In fact, this method allows me to feel my yarn and knit without looking (I'm working on that)!


How I knit 

Continental Style



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