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Fall Favorites!!!

Fall? Yes, Fall will be here sooner than you think! Summer sure came before I was ready! So today's post is all about my Fall favorites from last Fall and some I think will be this Fall's favorite... Fall is my favorite season so it's no wonder that I design fall pieces year round!

Many of you know that I love designing beanies and occasionally, matching cowls. One of my favorite yarns to use for my designs are the Wool Ease, Thick and Quick by Lion Brand. I use this yarn in a lot in my chunky designs. It's a great yarn to use if you're just learning to knit or crochet! These saved me when I first learned how to knit!

I've used multiple colors to bring together some of my favorites pieces. This one uses Fig, Pumpkin & Fisherman. No pattern is available for this one.

Although I love to add color into my pieces, I'm really more of an earthy, natural (maybe even boring?) kind of gal. For example, the Alexis & Helix set is made using Barley and a different color on the pom for a bit of a pop (see? I still add color) :). Simple stitches are used for beautiful textures in these two sets. My goal is to write easy to understand patterns that work up quickly and wouldn't intimidate a beginner. If i feel something is a little difficult in a pattern, I add a video tutorial. I learned visually and I know a lot of people who appreciate that.

These patterns are available in my shops.

Alexis Slouch Beanie & Cowl Set

Helix Slouch Beanie & Cowl Set

Let's talk about another fall favorite, the Mustard. This Delaney Slouch looks great in Mustard. Some colors may make it hard to see the designs in a piece but the mustard color was perfect for this cabled front beanie on a garter stitch background. Pattern also available in shops.

Delaney Slouch Beanie

When Graphite came out, I was in love! The best part was this color was also available in worsted weight yarn (Vanna's Choice). I used it in the Honeycomb Slouch Beanie & Grapevine Slouch Beanie (both patterns available).

Honeycomb Slouch Beanie

Grapevine Slouch Beanie

If you're feeling like adding some non traditional "Fall" colors, the Peacock & Hudson Bay colors are a great combination. I received such wonderful feedback on my Instagram when I posted this photo. Teal is one of my favorite colors and who doesn't love Hudson Bay? The Knit Chunky pattern is a basic beanie (one of my first designs) which doesn't include color change instructions however you can just switch colors after knitting the brim as I did below.

The Knit Chunky Beanie

There are 2 newer colors, Coney Island (left) & Astroland (right) that I can't wait to get my hands on for this Fall's designs.

I can't wait to design more Fall (& winter) pieces this year. I love it so much that I'm always thinking about new designs year round. There's too much to do and never enough time. I know you will all agree on that! I only wished I started doing all this earlier in life! Better late than never, I suppose!

For more patterns, visit my shops from the menu bar, I offer free patterns as well!

Which ones are your favorite? I'd love to hear from you!

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