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DIY Driftwood Hanger

I've been using models to model my knit or crochet garments. Lately, I want to just hang it so I can share it on Instagram if I have no models just yet. I wanted to make a hanger just for that!

I picked up a couple of driftwood pieces during our camptrip recently. I love how it turned out!


  • Driftwood - Mine was 15.5" long

  • Wire Hanger - I used an old one we had

  • Wire Cutter - Strong enough to cut your wire

  • Wire Bender - Mine was a cutter/bender in one

  • Drill - To drill a hole in driftwood

  • Tape Measure (optional)

  • Super Glue




Mark your driftwood where you want to drill. I just eye-balled it but you can measure it with a tape measure. Drill a hole (the same size as your wire). Do not drill all the way through.

Cut 5.5" of wire (or desired size). I cut a little longer than I thought I needed so that I can still cut away if it's too long. It's hard to work with it if it's too short. I cut from the long piece of the hanger (at bottom).

Then, I shaped the wire into a shape I liked. I actually used my 30mm crochet hook as a guide for the rounded shape.

Next, I placed the wire into the wood to see if I like the size. I was happy with what I had. So I removed the wire and placed a couple of drops of glue into the hole.

I placed the wire back in and let it dry for about 10 minutes. The dry time will depend on your glue.

That's it!

I will use this mostly for hanging my finished knit/crochet garments for photos.


This is the Knotted Pullover Sweater. Pattern available soon!

I hope you enjoy this video. It's pretty much the same as the photos but with me talking.


DIY Driftwood Hanger



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