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Crochet Granite Infinity Scarf Pattern & Tutorial

After I finished all the scarves & cowls for various people this holiday! I started making one for myself! I decided to use the Granite (aka Linen/Moss) Stitch, so why not name it the Granite Infinity Scarf.

I like my infinity scarves smaller but you can of course make it any size you want even in any weight yarn you'd like! Always check the label of your yarn for the recommended hook size. Okay, after making that statement, I want to confess that I actually used a larger hook for this scarf! hehe I wanted my stitches looser so I went up 2 sizes. Don't be afraid to experiment!

The pattern will be for an adult but it is extremely easy to adjust. It looks good on my 7 year old so I guess it can fit kids too. Either way, you can make any size you want!

This scarf measures 48" in circumference and 7" wide. When you start your chain stitches, that will determine the circumference of your scarf and the number of rounds will determine your width of the scarf. Keep in mind that you typically wrap an infinity scarf around your neck twice...


Super Bulky Yarn. I'm using Loops & Threads, Kaleidoscope in the color Opal. I used 2 skeins (77 yards per skein). US 12.00mm Crochet Hook

Stitch Marker

Tape Measure

Tapestry Needle



ch - Chain

st(s) - Stitch(es)

sl st - Slip Stitch

sk - Skip

sc - Single Crochet


Ch 90 sts or as many even number of sts as you'd like to get the circumference you want.

Note: Keep in mind that the circumference of the foundation chain may shrink after you join and work your first round (this all depends on your tension).

Join to the first ch st with a sl st. Be careful not to twist your ch sts.

Round 1: ch2, which counts as a sc & ch1 st (place stitch marker here), *sk a st, 1sc into next st, ch1. Repeat from * around. Do not sl st to join.

Note: You will work your first stitch of round 2 into the first space created by the ch2 (in round 1)

You will now start working in a continuous round. Mark the first st of every round so you know where the round starts.

Round 2: 1sc into the first sp (see note above), ch1, sk a st, *1sc into the next ch1 space, ch1, sk a st, . Repeat from * around.

Repeat Round 2 until infinity scarf measures approx. 7 inches or as wide as you’d like your scarf (easily adjustable). End with a ch1 and then sl st into the next ch1 space (where your stitch marker is). Fasten off & weave in all ends.

Just remember where you stop is the width of the infinity scarf. I stopped when I ran out of yarn.

That's it! Easy right?


My goal was to use up my 2 skeins. This is the method of joining I used when adding the other skein: The magic knot method. Of course, you can add new yarn however you like!

Note: The knot is more noticeable with heavier weight yarn.



Crochet Granite Infinity Scarf

Video Tutorial



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