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Crochet Face Mask with Liner Pattern + Tutorial

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Welcome! I posted a photo of my mask on Instagram not knowing if I was going to publish a pattern for it and how folks liked to line there masks. Aside from a few concerned folks thinking the mask was not suitiable to wear (calm down, it's lined), a lot of other folks expressed interest.

So here it is. Due to the nature of everything that is going on, please be cautious when you're making masks for your family and friends. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and follow their guidelines ( for information on the safety of face masks. Never place a mask on children under 2 years old. That being said, I am not responsible for anything that happens while using masks made with my pattern. Please be safe, responsible and stay home as much as you can during this time.

I won't be selling the pdf pattern in any of my shops but you can download it for free. Ravelry does NOT allow mask patterns. I learned it the hard way... It took me some time to figure a work around!

Watch the video on YouTube: Crochet Face Mask

Watch the LEFT Hand tutorial: Crochet Face Mask (LEFT Hand)

Download the PDF pattern for FREE

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Measurements | 9.5" x 6"

You can adjust to make any size.

YARN | 100% Cotton

I Love This Cotton, Paris in June

HOOKS | Tulip Etimo

US 7/4.5mm


2 Hair ties (optional if you want to use it for straps or you can tie elastic to it)


Cotton Fabric (Pre-washed) - double layered (approx 10 x 7")


ch – Chain

st(s) – Stitch(es)

sl st(s) – Slip Stitch(es)

rem – Remaining

rep – Repeat

sc – Single Crochet

tbl – Through Back Loop ea – Each

pm - Place Marker

NOTES – Pattern is written in US terms. All rows (except row 1) are worked through the back loops. I found it most helpful to place a marker in the center stitch and anywhere on the right side of my work so I could keep track.

I’d love to see your completed work!

Please share photos here on my Instagram: @designsbyphanessa #designsbyphanessa


Foundation: ch 36 and start row 1 in the 2nd ch from the hook.

Note: To adjust, ch any even number of sts for desired length (ear to ear) of mask.

Row 1 (wrong side): 1sl st in next 6 sts, pm, 1sc in next 23 sts, pm, 1sl st in last 6 sts. Pm in the center st. (35 sts)

Row 2: ch1, turn, 1sl st tbl in next 6 sts, 1sc tbl in every st until st before marker, 2sc tbl in next, 1sc tbl in next (center), 2sc tbl in next, 1sc tbl in ea rem sts until last 6 sts. 1sl st tbl in ea of last 6 sts. (37 sts)

Row 3: ch1, turn, 1sl st tbl in next 6 sts, 1sc tbl in every st until last 6 sts. 1sl st tbl in ea of last 6 sts. (37 sts)

Rows 4-9 : Repeat Rows 2 & 3 three times (ending with 43 sts in row 9)

Note: Your mask should be half the height (neck to nose) for your desired size in Row 13. Continue to rep Rows 2 & 3 for a larger mask.

Rows 10-15: Rep Row 3 (43 sts)

Row 16: ch1, turn, 1sl st tbl in next 6 sts, 1sc tbl in every st until 2 sts before marker, sc2tog tbl over next 2 sts, 1sc tbl in next (center), sc2tog tbl over next 2 sts, 1sc tbl in ea rem sts until last 6 sts. 1sl st tbl in ea of last 6 sts. (41 sts)

Row 17: ch1, turn, 1sl st tbl in next 6 sts, 1sc tbl in every st until last 6 sts. 1sl st tbl in ea of last 6 sts. (39 sts)

Rows 18-23: Repeat Rows 16 & 17 three times (ending with 35 sts in row 23)

Note: If you are adjusting size, continue to rep rows 16 & 17 until you have the same number of sts as row 1.

Ear Straps: ch14 or any number for desired size, sl st to other corner. Rep for other side.

Note:If you are adjusting size, don't fasten off yet and try it on and adjust for fit.


Using hair ties as your ear straps.

Work sc sts along the short edge catching the hair tie as you work each st. Work your sts every other row. Rep for other side.

FINISHING: Fasten off and weave in your ends.


The liner is doubled however if you plan to use one layer, just cut 2 pieces and follow same process.

Cut 4 layers of prewashed fabric using your mask as a template. You can do this a couple of easy ways. The fabric will be slightly larger (depending on how you traced it). This is okay because you will need additional fabric for the seam allowance which brings your liner to a slightly smaller demension.

Option 1) Lay your mask folded in half and trace it on a piece of paper Make sure you stretch it (see video). Then use the template to cut out for layers of fabric.

Option 2) Lay your mask (stretched) on the prewashed fabric directly and trace around. Then cut the pieces out.

With 2 layers, sew around edges, leaving approx 3/8" seam allowance. Leave 1.5-2" open on the top (curved) edge so you can turn your liner inside out. Don't forget to back stitch in the beginning and at the end so your stitches don't unravel. You can hand stitch this if you don't have a sewing machine. Repeat for other 2 layers. You should have 2 double layered pieces.

Cut diagonally at the 4 corners as close as you can to the thread without cutting the threads.

Turn fabric inside out from the unstitched "hole". Push edges and corners out using a stick or double pointed needle careful not to poke through your fabric. (not too sharp!).

Press (iron) your piece so it's nice and flat. With the 2 pieces held together, sew together the top curved edge as close as you can to edge (3/8").

Pin liner to the crochet mask with seam against the mask.

Hand stitch around using the invisible stitch seam. Leave approx 3/8" of the mask's edge.

Trim loose threads. Hope you enjoyed this pattern and tutorial. I'm not an expert on sewing but I tried! lol Please share!


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