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Circle in a Square Granny Square Pattern & Tutorial

I recently picked up a project I had from 7 months ago during our camp trip to celebrate my oldest son' 8th birthday.

Once I completed it (it was already almost done!), I felt like something was missing. I wanted to add pockets but I didn't want just any normal pocket. I came across this beautiful Granny Square pattern in one of my Crochet Stitch Books and instantly thought it would be great as pockets! At first I was a little worried but I was already too excited and decided to go for it!





ch - Chain

st(s) - Stitch(es)

sl st - Slip Stitch

yo - Yarn Over

sp - Space

dc - Double Crochet

tr - Treble Crochet

Notes: Beginning chains count as sts except during magic ring. The Granny Square is 7x7"


Start with a Magic Ring & ch2 to secure (does not count as a st)

Round 1: 16dc sts into ring. Sl st to the first dc st.

Round 2: ch5 (counts as a dc st + ch2), *1dc, in next st, ch2*

Repeat from * to * around.

Sl st in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch5.

sl st in the first ch2 sp.

Round 3: ch3, 2dc into same ch2 sp, ch1.

*3dc sts in next ch2 sp, ch1*

Repeat from * to * around.

Sl st in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch3.

Round 4: *[ch3, 1sc into the next ch1 sp] 3 times.

ch6, 1sc in next ch1 sp (first corner made)*.

Repeat from * to * around.

Instead of working a sc after last ch6 st.

Sl st in the first ch from the beginning ch3.

sl st in the first ch3 sp.

Round 5: ch3, 2dc into same ch3 sp. [3dc sts in next ch3 sp] twice. You should have 3 clusters of 3dc sts.

[5dc, ch2, 5dc] into the ch6 sp (first corner).

*[3dc sts in the next ch3 sp] 3 times. [5dc, ch2, 5dc] in next ch6 sp* (2nd corner).

Repeat from * to * two more times for the 3rd & 4th corners.

sl st in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch3.

Round 6: ch3, *1dc in every st across until ch2 sp.

[1dc, 1tr, 1dc] in the ch2 sp*

Repeat from * to * around.

1dc into each of the remaining 5 sts.

Sl st in the 3rd ch from the beginning ch3.

Fasten off and leave a long tail for weaving in ends. Using tapestry needle, weave all ends on wrong side of work.

Check out the Granni Sweater Pattern in my shops!


Circle in a Square Granny Square

Video Tutorial



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