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Burly Knit Infinity Scarf & Beanie Pattern

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Hi everyone! I have an exciting pattern SET for you today! This Knit Burly Infinity Scarf & Beanie is extra cozy!

I recently posted a video tutorial for the Knit Mock Cable Stitch Pattern. This set uses this beautiful stitch.

Special thanks to the Brown Sheep Company for providing this beautiful yarn. This is their Burly Spun, 100% Wool, Super Bulky Yarn in this gorgeous color Monarch Butterfly. Make sure you subscribe and follow me on Instagram for pattern updates & releases!

Visit their website to check out all the beautiful yarn!

The infinity scarf fits an older child/teen - adult but is very easy to customize by knitting more repeat rows before seaming the ends together. The beanie fits a child with a circumference of 20-21 inches depending on your tension.

The pdf pattern for the set is available for purchase in my shops. The beanie is available in 4 sizes (Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult).

Before you begin, the Wrap Mock Cable Stitch may look complicated however, it's rather simple. I've recorded a video tutorial in case a few of you still need help with this stitch.



Yarn: Brown Sheep Company, 3 hanks: 2 hanks (Scarf), 1 hank (Beanie) Burly Spun

Knitting Needles: US 13/9mm Ciruclar Needle, 16"

Knitting Needles: US 15/10mm Circular Needle, 16"

Optional for closing beanie: US 15/10mm Double Pointed Needles

Tapestry Needle

Stitch Marker

Tape Measure



co - Cast on

k - Knit

p - Purl

st(s) - stitch(es)

yo - Yarn Over

sl = Slip

pw - Purlwise

wyif - With Yarn in Front

wyib - With Yarn in Back

rep - repeat

k2tog - Knit 2 Stitches Together

kfb - Knit Front & Back: Knit the indicated stitch through the front. Do not slip stitch off left hand needle. Knit the same stitch through the back. Slide stitch off needle.


Note: Slip the first stitch of every row purl-wise wyib for the right side and purl-wise wyif for the wrong side. All other sl sts should be slipped purl-wise wyib (Row 2).

Cast on 27 sts or in multiples of 4 sts, plus 3

Row 1 (wrong side): sl1, k1, *p3, k1. Rep from * to last st, End with p1.

Row 2 (right side): sl1, *p1, sl1, k2, pass sl st over the 2 knitted st. Rep from * to last 2 sts. End with p1, k1.

Row 3: sl1, *k1, p1, yo, p1. Rep from * to last 2 sts. End with k1, p1.

Row 4: sl1, *p1, k3. Rep from * until last 2 sts. End with p1, k1.

Row 5: sl1, *k1, p3. Rep from * until last 2 sts. k1, p1.

Repeat rows 2 - 5 until scarf measures approx 64" inches or until desired size.

Note: Please note that if you make any adjustments to increase the size, you may need more yarn.

Cast/Bind off in pattern.

Sew the short ends together. Weave in all ends on the inside (wrong side).

How to sew your knit projects


Note: This beanie is worked in the round.


co 40 sts & join the round careful not to twist sts. Try the invisible joining method!

k1, p1 around for 6 rounds or as many rounds as you'd like. This will be the height of your brim. Slip the marker as you work your rounds.

Main Body

Round 1: *p1, k3. Rep from * around.

Round 2: *p1, sl1, k2, pass sl st over the 2 knitted st. Rep from * around.

Round 3: *p1, k1, yo, k1. Rep from * around.

Round 4: *p1, k3. Rep from * around.

Round 5-17: Repeat Round 1 through 4 three times

Round 18-19: Repeat Round 1 & 2 once

Decrease Rounds

Round 1: *p1, k2. Rep from * around.

Round 2: *p1, k2tog. Rep from * around.

Round 3: k2tog, *p1, k2tog, k1, k2tog. Rep from * around.


Cut yarn leaving a long tail for weaving. Using tapestry needle, weave yarn through remaining sts on needles as if to knit. Tighten and secure on the inside of beanie.

XL Pom Pom Video Tutorial

Faux Fur Pom Pom Tutorial


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