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The Norwegian Purl Stitch Video Tutorial

Hi Friends! Today's video is the Norwegian Purl Stitch! Typically, continental knitters knit with the yarn held on the left hand (like a crocheter). When you knit a stitch, the yarn is in the back but when you purl, you need to move the yarn to the front.

Most new knitters find the purl stitch challenging when knitting continental. I wasn't even aware of this struggle because I didn't do that research when I learned how to knit and maybe, it's a little easier for Crocheters?

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So.... when I posted a short video on my Instagram, a few people said it looked clumsy and unnecessary. Let me start by saying... I literally just learned this. LOL When you have muscle memory knitting things a certain way, it is hard to adjust to new techniques so am I doing the stitch right? Maybe not but the steps are the same.

When I first started learning to knit, I watched so many videos and in the end I found what works best for me (as I always recommend). It's good to understand what you're doing and how it all ties into the stitch and then practice as much as you can and adjust to your comfort.

I apologize if i'm a little clumsy in the video. LOL I hope this helps someone struggling with the purl stitch when knitting Continental Style.



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Feb 16, 2022

I appreciate all of your videos, as I am a new knitter, and I don't think it was clumsy at all! Please keep them coming! I want to be bistitual desperately 🤣

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