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Crochet Side Saddle Cluster Stitch Tutorial

Crochet Regan Slouch Beanie

Happy November! Today's Stitch Tutorial is on this beautiful Side Saddle Cluster Stitch. I designed the Fall Primrose Scarf with this stitch which will be released soon!

I love making scarfs for the boys' teachers for the holidays. I love how quickly it works up and the teachers always love the handcrafted gifts! I'm only one down so I better get on it! I have 4 teachers!

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Visit my shops for patterns! Looking for yarn? I've listed so much in my etsy shop this past couple of months! De-stashing is so refreshing but now I have all these skeins in bags waiting for their new home! They're super inexpensive because I just want to get rid of them!

My Shop

Yarn - Yarn Bee Aspen, Primrose Peak #5

For the yarn I used a bulky weight. This was yarn I found in my stash which has been discontinued (so sad, it's so pretty!)

HOOKS | Tulip Etimo

I used the recommend hook size on the label which was a K, 6.5mm

USK 6.5mm or appropriate size for your yarn


ch – Chain

st(s) – Stitch(es)

sl st – Slip Stitch

yo – Yarn Over

sc – Single Crochet

sp – Space

dc – Double Crochet

beg – Beginning

rep – Repeat

rem – Remaining

dc4tog – Double Crochet 4 sts Together cl – Cluster: The st made from the dc4tog st. [yo, insert hook in ch3 sp, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops] 4x, yo, pull through all 5 loops.


Foundation: Chain in multiples of 5 + 2

Note: for the scarf, I chained 32 Stitches. The pattern will be on a separate blog post.

Row 1: 1sc into the 2nd ch from the hook, *ch3, dc4tog (cl) over next 4 sts1, ch1, 1sc in next st. Rep from * across.

Row 2: ch5, 1sc on top of cl, *ch3, cl in next ch3 sp2, ch1**, 1sc on top of next cl. Rep from * ending after **. End with 1dc in last st (turning ch)3.

Row 3: ch1, *1sc on top of cl, ch3, cl in next ch3 sp3, ch1. Rep from *. End with 1sc in the ch5 sp4.

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until desired size.



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