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Lantern Moon Re-Launch Unboxing Video

Happy New Year! I have a box of goodies to unbox! I haven't heard of Lantern Moon until recently when I started researching "best needles" for magic loop. I couldn't find a lot of info on it after reading about it somewhere. Then, Knitter's Pride let me know that they had just acquired the brand rights to Lantern Moon products! What a coincidence!

You can search for stores on their website or click here:

With the rush of the holidays, I completely forgot about it until it came to my door step! I was so surprised (and beyond excited) to see what was inside!

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Thank you in advance for the support!

Here's what I found in the box! And it came in this cute bag I can store everything in!

I did break open the Single Point Needles and knitted a swatch with it! Again, don't forget to subscribe to my You Tube Channel so you don't miss the review coming in the near future!

Unfortunately some of the video clips were damaged in my SD card which made me very sad because I actually opened this for the first time on video but had to re-record this section (just a small clip) but I was super surprised because I was only expecting a set of needles so I was very pleased with all the other cute products in the box….. blah blah blah. Just watch the video. LoL



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