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Knitter's Pride J-adore Mother's Day Knitting Needle Set

Hi frineds! I recently posted about these gorgeous needles on my Instagram. These are Knitter's Pride's La-adore Mother's Day Gift Set! It is so pretty! When I opened it, the pretty velvety case already stole my heart! Inside, you can find these beautiful purple lavender wood needles with gold accents!

Here are some additional info from their website:

Crafted in a beautiful shade of lavender colored wood, this set of cubic needles is as beneficial as it is beautiful. The ergonomic shape was designed to be comfortable in the knitter’s hand as well as pleasing to the eye. The set comes with a luxuriously soft velvet bag that will protect the needles and keep them neatly stored along with a variety of useful accessories.

Set Contents:

Cubics Interchangeable Needle Sizes US 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 in Blooming Lavender colour with matt gold connectors. Needle sizes are laser printed on the metal connectors.


  • 3 memory-free stainless-steel cords in length of 24"/60, 32"/ 80cm & 40"/ 100cm.

  • 4 end caps;

  • 2 cord keys;

  • One set of cord connectors

  • 20 amour metal stitch markers.

All the above items are packed in a plush velvet case that makes the set a delight for gifting purposes.

Seriously, how pretty is this case/pouch?

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I have had the opportunity to use these needles on my latest project and I enjoyed using them so much! I love their Cubics Plantina Deluxe Interchangeable Needles.

I am excited to finish this market bag! I just need to attach the straps!

I love all the Knitter's Prides Needles and hooks I own! Their cords work with all needles AND Knit Pick's needles too! I have other needles that I love that only works with their own cords and some like Chiagoo has more than one cord for different sizes (so that kind sucks)!

Back to these gorgeous lavender needles! They knit smoothly and something about square needles makes it easier (for me anyway) to pick up stitches from the needles because the yarn isn't wrapped around a "round" needle leaving little space for you to insert the needles. I'm familiar with the end caps and cord keys so that wasn't anything new to me. II absolutely love the heart markers! I was a little disappointed that it didn't fit the largest size needle (US 11/8mm) so I used my DIY Stitch Markers.

One thing I thought was strange was the sizes of the needles. It went from 6mm to 8mm. I was expecting a 6.5mm (which is a size I use often). There were other half sizes included so I thought it was strange that 6.5mm wasn't included. This isn't a deal breaker though!

So, go and hint to your loved ones ;) unless you're like my family of boys who doesn't (mostly ever) get hints so I "treat" myself on special occasions like Mother's Day and my Birthday! hehe why not? Moms work hard! I've been stretched thin with a full time job and keeping up with my designs. I deserve it! You deserve it!

I'd love to hear what you're favorite needles are! It may just be my next "treat"! Happy Knitting!



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