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Easy Knit Plush Throw Blanket for beginners FREE Pattern

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Hi Friends! I wanted to share this super simple wrap with you today! Premier Yarns sent me this beautiful Jumbo yarn, the Very Plush Big!!!

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MEASUREMENTS | 25x58 inches


4” = 3.4 Stitches | 3.5 Rows


#7 Jumbo Weight Yarn

(3 Balls) - 294 Yards




Large Eye Tapestry Needle


co – Cast on

st(s) – Stitch(es)

k – Knit

p – Purl

rep – Repeat

LEVEL – Beginner

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This is a quick knit using Jumbo Yarn and larger needles. The throw blanket is worked in stockinette stitches but look similar with Garter Stitches.

Due to the nature of the yarn, I recommend placing a lifeline every few rows in case you need to fix a drop stitch which can be challenging with fluffy yarn. Run a piece of yarn through the loops as you knit.

Instructions | In US Terms

Cast on 36 sts

Row 1 (right side): k all sts

Note: Although row 1 is defined as the "right side", it will look reversible due to the nature of the yarn.

Row 2: p all sts

Note: If you don't like to "purl", try knitting every row (Garter Stitch). The difference will be minimal.

Rep rows 1-2 until it measures approx. 58" or until the desired length. I used 3 balls and knitted until I just have enough yarn to cast off (double the width).


Cast off using the desired method and weave in all ends.

That's it guys! I just used up the 3 balls I had so I didn't have a length in mind at the time.

Get the PDF for $1. Click on the link below.



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