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Knit Stars & Stripes Cowl

It's Memorial Weekend. This mean summer is about to start, barbecues, hanging out with friends and honoring those who served our country...

Usually we have a camp trip somewhere in the California Coast where we can escape the Sacramento heat. This year (and for the past 11 months), our lives have been quite different with my husband landing a new job. I've been on survival mode... This is partially why I dove into designing all things knit & crochet.

I wanted to make something that represented the US flag. Sure, it's not really "stars" but rather hearts but you get the idea.

I love, and I mean LOVE to knit with super bulky yarn. Without super bulky yarn, I probably wouldn't have stuck with knitting back when I first started. Yes, I have no patience. Knitting takes waaaay too long. Much longer than crochet.

This cowl fits my 2 & 4 year old boys. It's 19" around (before stretch) & 7.25"tall.

The avoid a jogless stripe (obvious uneven color change), this is what I did at the beginning of the 2nd round of the new yarn color: I picked up the right side loop of the below stitch and place it on the left hand needle before knitting the first stitch. Then I knit both stitches normally. This method pulls the bottom row up to avoid the jog.

Another way is to just slip the first stitch as if to purl & continue knitting as normal. I currently have no tutorials but there's tons of info out there.

I carried the yarn up as I knitted and did not cut and rejoin the different colors.


Lion Brand | Hometown USA | Red, White, & Blue

US 15/10mm 16" Circular needles

Stitch Marker

Tapestry Needle for sewing in ends


co - cast on

k - knit

B - Blue Yarn

White - White Yarn


With White Yarn, Co 42 sts. I used the long tail cast on method. Add Stitch Marker and join round careful not to twist stitches.

Round 1: k around with White YarnRound 2-3: k around with Red Yarn

Round 4-5: k around with White Yarn

Round 6-7: k around with Red Yarn

Round 8-9: k around with White Yarn

Round 10-11: k around with Red Yarn

Round 12: k around with Blue Yarn

Round 13: *k1B, k1W. Repeat from * around (alternating Blue & White Yarn)

Round 14-15: k around with Blue Yarn

Round 16: *k1W, k1B. Repeat from * around (alternating White & Blue Yarn) the White should be in-between the 2 white stitches 3 rows below.

Round 17-18: k around with Blue Yarn

Round 19: *k1B, k1W. Repeat from * around (alternating Blue & White Yarn)

Round 20: k around with Blue Yarn

Cast off/Bind off & weave in all ends.

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