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DIY Stitch Markers

I love making these stitch markers. I started making them when I started knitting. I use mostly 9-10mm needles and the regular stitch markers don't usually fit on the larger needles. I love that I can customize and it's not costly at all after you have all the tools!


Beads (main pieces) - I purchased mine at Walmart or Michaels.

Any color steel wire 0.38mm

Tube End Crimp Beads

Small Clear Beads

Wire cutter or sharp scissor

Flat Nose Pliers

Instructions: Video tutorial at bottom of page

Step 1) Cut the wires with a sharp scissor or wire cutter. The wire was thin enough for me to use my sharp scissors. I liked being able to get a close cut. I cut mine about 5"

Step 2) Fold wire in half by bringing the 2 ends together. You want a nice round loop so don't bend the ends by squeezing it.

Step 3) Insert a crimp bead and leave about a 1" loop. Use the flat nose pliers to crimp the bead down so it's tight and in place.

Step 4) Insert your desired beads.

Step 5) Insert the small bead.

Step 6) Insert the crimp bead again and crimp to hold everything in place. Trim wire ends off the tip.

Easy right!?!?! The is the Chunky KNIT Fair Isle Beanie. Pattern is available in my shops.

I also have a crochet version that can be worked in any size yarn.


DIY Stitch Marker Tutorial



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