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Crochet Reversible Shells Stitch Pattern & Tutorial

Hi there! Today's Stitch Tutorial is on this Reversible Shells Stitch. It's an interesting stitch that doubles your fabric making it extra thick and dense. It's as if you're working 2 layers at the same time.

I am working on a throw blanket (Release date 1/24/21) so I wanted to provide a stitch tutorial to help! Don't be afraid of it if you're a beginner. It's really not hard. The only thing you need to be cautious of is the beginning and ends of the rows.

The blanket project is sponsored by but the design and my opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I receive a small amount from purchases you make through these links at no extra cost to you. Please see bottom of post for more information on privacy and disclosures.

Have you used the Caron One Pound before? it's HUGE at 812 yards. I wanted to double up so I can make a chunky throw. This means that I used 2 strands to crochet with and I'm using a larger crochet hook.

For this tutorial, I used just one strand and a US 9/5.5mm Crochet Hook. I used Joann's Big Twist Value Yarn.

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Scroll down to watch the STITCH video or watch it on YouTube (please subscribe!): Crochet Reversible Shells Stitch Tutorial


ch – Chain

st(s) – Stitch(es)

sl st – Slip Stitch

sc – Single Crochet

sk – Skip

sp – Space

pm – Place Marker

rep – Repeat

rem – Remaining

Special StitchShell Stitch: 5dc sts in the indicated st.

SKILL LEVEL – Experienced/Advance

NOTES – Pattern is written in US terms.

Each color is worked for 2 rows. At the end of the 2nd row (shell row), you do not turn. Instead, you will start on the right side of the work.


Big Twist Value Yarn - Scarlett (I believe the other color is discontinued)

2 Colors (A) & (B)


🔸 Crochet Hook - Furls US I/9 5.5mm

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Color A

Ch in multiples of 5 + 3 for the desired length/width.

Foundation Row (Color A): 1dc in 5th ch from hook, 3dc in next st, 1dc in next, *sk 2 chs, 1dc in next ch, 3dc sts in next ch, 1dc in next ch (foundation shell made). Rep from * leaving last ch st unworked. DO NOT TURN. Pull the working loop up so you don’t lose the sts (or pm on the loop).

Row 1 (Color B): Attach color B to the 4th ch from the turning ch on the right side of the work. *ch6, 1sc in the 1st skipped st. Rep from * across working the last sc in the last st of the foundation.

Row 2 (Color B): ch2, turn, sl st to the 1st dc st, ch2, *shell st (5 dc sts) in the center of the previous shell st. Rep from * across. End with 1sc in the turning ch (same turning ch you attached to in row 1). DO NOT TURN.

Row 3 (Color A): Pick up color A, *ch6, 1sc in sp between shells. Rep from * across. End with 1sc in turning ch (2nd ch from beg ch2).

Row 4 (Color A): ch2, turn, sl st to the 1st dc st, ch2, *shell st (5 dc sts) in the center of the previous shell st. Rep from * across. End with 1sc in the turning ch (2nd ch from beg ch2). Do NOT TURN.

Row 5 (Color B): Pick up color B, *ch6, 1sc in sp between shells. Rep from * across. End with 1sc in turning ch (2nd ch from beg ch2).

Repeat rows 2-5 until desired size ending after a shell row.

In the video, I came up with an alternative way to finish up the last row.

Finishing Row: ch3, 1sl st (or sc) in center of shell, ch3, 1sc in sp between shells. Rep from * ending with 1sc in turning ch.

I’d love to see your completed work!

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