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I am a knitter of 13 years and counting! I started in my early teens, and kept up during high school a little bit. During college I really felt the need to have something that didn’t need a deadline, but pushed me out of my comfort zone. Hence, my A Walk Through Aspens by While They Play, came into my life.

Looking back that scarf was the beginning of my current knitting obsession. That scarf was my personal slow knitting movement and really brought me peace while knitting. 2.5 years, 3 states and 4 moves later she’s finished! Now I am more confident in my knitting, I love learning new techniques and I am slowly building my skills and library!

I am currently obsessed with Designsbyphannessa, While They Play, Boyland Knits, Candice English and Farmers Daughter Fibers, Two of Wands, Joji Lovatelli and Brome Fields.

I have a degree in Animal Science specializing in horse science, and equine reproduction. My husband and I have an adorable Boykin Spaniel that is learning to retrieve!