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We Are Knitter's Buttercream Sweater Kit Review & Giveaway!!!


See end of post for Giveaway Entry


Today's post is for the lovely Buttercream Sweater by We Are Knitters. They contacted me and asked if I'd like to collaborate with them. Do I?!? Of course I do! I love all their kits and if I had time, I'd make all of them! It's always so hard deciding which kit to get because they're all so gorgeous!

I haven't knitted many clothing items so I thought I'd try a sweater... I went with a beginner's knit, the Buttercream Sweater. As if choosing the kit wasn't hard enough, I had to choose a color! After much debate, I went for the Spotted Mauve. I'm glad I did because when I opened the kit, I was so happy with the color! 

The Kit came with 5 balls of the Petite Wool, pattern, yarn needle, knitting needles, and a tag all in a reusable paper bag. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get started but it was a work night and I had to make dinner for my boys... it'll just have to wait! Can we take another look at the beautiful yarn?

Of course, I started a swatch right after dinner (ha-ha). 

I loved how the wool worked up and I really enjoyed knitting mindlessly with the 1x1 ribbing. 

It took me longer than I'd like to finish this kit. First, there's my full time job and 3 little kiddos.... and my own designs that I need to tend to for my shops.

The biggest hiccup would be that my little one got a hold of 2 skeins and cut a portion of it with his scissors after we did some art work one Saturday. I left for no more than 1 minute (I swear!) & came back to what almost felt like a horror movie (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating!).  I emailed WAK to see if I would be able to finish if I made quarter sleeves but they offered to send me an extra ball! That's so freakin' awesome of them!

I used stitch markers to mark every 10th stitch because let's face it, I can't remember if I've ever pressed the stitch counter and even if I thought I did, I would second guess myself and then end up counting anyway and when you have to do so many rows, that's just not going to work out! So, my one and only stitch counter that I purchased is in the corner of my craft room collecting dust. 

Seaming knit pieces together is not my favorite thing to do. I will say that I did not enjoy seaming up the sweater with this yarn. I don't know if it's because i'm doing it wrong or what but it kept breaking on me. I ended up having to do sections at a time because running the same long strand through the stitches really broke down the wool and it eventually broke apart.

Aside from my bad relationship with seaming pieces together, I really loved the ease of this kit. It's pretty simple with only knit and purl stitches and all other parts weren't that hard. The instructions were easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this kit for beginners!

Unfortunately, I'm not as thin as I thought (I'm working on it) so I asked my sister to model the sweater. What are sisters for, right?

Click on link below and fill out your name and email for a chance to win your very own Buttercream Sweater Kit! That's it! Giveaway runs through July 18, 2017. Good luck!

Excludes South America, Africa, and most of Asia/Middle East. 



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