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Two Ways to Calculate Yardage

Happy Saturday! I thought I'd make a video for my testers and it may be of some use to you too! When you're designing, it's important to know how much yarn is used. If you have multiple sizes, especially in garments, knowing how much you need is important.

Lion Brand has a handy photo that tells you roughly how much yarn you need for a project based on their yarn weight but that just gives you an estimate. See the photo below. Click here to download a copy!

So let's calculate how much yarn you have left from a ball and how much yarn you've used.

First thing's first, don't throw away the label!!! Don't worry if you already did.... usually you can google it online at the company website.

Next, you’ll need a scale. I have a couple of kitchen scales at home that I purchased from Amazon for about $10-$20. Visit my storefront for ideas and products I use.

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Watch the video below or watch it on YouTube (please subscribe!)

In both examples, I used 1 skein of Lion Brand's Jeans (Top Stitch). And the information we need for this skein is:

Weight: 3.5 oz / 100 grams

Yardage: 246 yards

I calculated and weighed everything based on ounces. You can easily plug in grams and get the same results.

The very first thing you need to do is calculate the ”yards per ounce“ for the ball of yarn. To do this, you divide 246 yards by 3.5 ounces

246 ➗ 3.5 = 70.29 yards per ounce


If you used a skein for a project and have some yarn left over, you can weigh the yarn to find out how many yards is left and subtract it from the total yards in the skein. In addition, you'll also find out how much you have for another project!

Weigh your left over yarn - mine was 1.62 ounces

1.62 x 70.29 per ounce = 113.87 yards

So my leftover yarn is approx. 114 yards.

246 total yards - 114 leftover = 132 yards used


You may wish to just weight your finished project to see how much you used.

Weigh your project - mine was 1.87 ounces

1.87 x 70.29 per ounce = 131.44 yards

So I used approx. 132 yards for my beanie.

You can cross check your numbers by adding the two results. I just rounded both up.

114 (leftover) + 132 (used) = 246 yards which matches the total yards in one skein of Lion Brand’s Jeans.


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