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Crochet Sunburst Bag Pattern + Tutorial

Hi Friends! It's finally here! This Year's Blog Hop! It's so hard to keep things quiet for too long! I'm so excited to share this Crochet Sunburst Bag with everyone! The theme is Puff Stitches and I decided on Granny Squares! I don't have a published pattern for a bag using granny squares and it was on my looooong list of patterns to design & write up. This was the perfect opportunity!

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This year's sponsor is We Crochet so I used their City Tweed (Aran/Worsted) Yarn. If you didn't already know, they are a sister company of Knit Picks, specifically for Crocheters.

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One Size

Each Square is 5.5”

15.5” Wide - 13” center, 17” height


Knit Picks City Tweed Aran

2 balls of Lemon Curd & 2 balls of Orca


US K 6.5mm - Tulip Size K


ch - Chain

st(s) - Stitch(es)

sl st - Slip Stitch

yo - Yarn Over

sc - Single Crochet

hdc - Half Double Crochet

dc - Double Crochet

sp - Space

rep - Repeat

Special Stitches

Puff Stitch - [yo, insert hook in indicated st/sp, yo, pull up a loop] four times, yo, pull through 9 loops, ch1 to secure.


I swapped colors on round 2 for each square and ended up with 7 Orca & 8 Lemon Curd squares. I used the Orca to stitch together the squares and crochet the straps.

Instructions (Make 15)

Round 1: Start with a magic ring, work 8 puff sts (see special sts above) into ring, sl st to top of first puff st. (8 puff sts)

Round 2: Sl st into the next sp (between puff sts), work 2 puff sts in every sp between previous puff sts, sl st to the first puff st. (16 puff sts)

Round 3: Sl st into the next sp (between puff sts), *work 2 puff sts, work 1 puff st in the next sp. Rep from * around. sl st to the first puff st. (24 puff sts)

Round 4: Sl st into the next sp (between puff sts), ch3, [2dc, ch2, 3dc] in same sp, ch1, *[dc, ch1] in next sp, [hdc, ch1] in next sp, [sc, ch1] in next sp, [hdc, ch1] in next sp, [dc, ch1] in next sp, [3dc, ch2, 3dc], ch1 in the next sp (corner). Rep from * omitting the last corner st. Join with a sl st to the ch3.

I only weaved in the tails in the center of the squares. I left the tail on the edges. These will get covered when you assemble the bag. So let's get to it!

My thought was to eliminate the number of times I need to cast on and cast off. I crocheted right over the tail ends from the squares.

See photos or the video below for how the bag is constructed. The orange arrows represents the path I used to stitch the squares together. Then I completed stitching the squares in the path of the blue arrows.

The red dotted lines show where the folds are. The color-coded dotted lines represent the 2 edges that are to be sewn together. The squares are sewn using sc sts with the Orca Color.

First 2 squares: Hold 2 pieces together (right side out), fasten on at the ch2 sp, *1sc in each st (& ch1 sp) across, 1sc in the next ch2 sp. Two edges sewn together.

Next Square: Grab the next square, work in the same ch2 sp and the ch2 sp of the new square. Rep from * across.

Rep in this manner until all your pieces are attached. Fold at dotted line in center, follow the arrows for where to sew the sides of the bags. See below image for the direction of sewing. Do not fasten off.

You will now work sc around top (opening).

Ch1, *1sc in each st (including all ch sp), until low center (where 3 squares meet), sc3tog in each of the ch2 sp from each of the 3 squares. Rep from *. Sc in rem sts. Join with a sl st to the first sc st. Fasten off.

Note: You may add more rounds or even decorative edges (such as the crab stitch)!


Fasten on at the ch2 sp, ch1, 1sc Isc same sp. Ch1, 1sc in back of previous sc, turn clockwise, 1sc in horizontal loop in back of previous sc st, *turn clockwise, 1sc in the 2 horizontal loops in the back of the previous sc st. Rep from * until desired length.

Complete the last sc st as follows: when inserting the hook into the 2 loops, insert hook into the ch2 sp of other side , yo, pull through (including the 2 loops), complete the sc st.

Note: Turn your work back and forth to avoid tangles.

To start the next strap, 1sc in the same sp. ch1, 1sc same sp. Ch1, 1sc in back of previous sc, turn clockwise, 1sc in horizontal bar in back of previous sc st. Now rep from * to the other side making sure they’re close ot the same length. Fasten off and weave in all ends.



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