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Crochet Spiked Slouch Beanie Pattern & Giveaway!!!

Hi & welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by! I was asked by Michelle to participate in the Blog Hop this year! I seem to have less and less time each year as my kiddos get older and get more involved with activities, etc. I didn't want to pass up this opportunity because most of you know, there's no way I won't find time for my needle art!

This year's theme is the Spike Stitch. Since I had very little time, I decided to make a beanie (surprise, surprise, right?) LOL.

There are several bloggers involved in this Blog Hop and each designer provides a pattern. HUGE thanks to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring the Blog Hop and you know I'm a HUGE fan of Lion Brand and I love working with them.

If you want more info, visit the Blog Hop here! Here's a list of all the patterns!

RESCUED PAW DESIGNS (Spiked stitch dishcloth)

HANDS OCCUPIED  (Rainbow Softie)

CROCHETED SIMPLICITY (Wanderlust Backpack)

DESIGNS BY PHANESSA (Spiked Slouch Beanie)

2 BOSSAY KNITS (Table Setting)

STITCH & HUSTLE (Gentry Spike Stitch Cowl)

Before I get into the pattern, let's talk about the fun giveaway! One person will win all the yarn they need to make ALL OF THESE PROJECTS!!! How cool is that??????


  • One person will win ALL they need to make ALL of the projects on this blog hop from Lion Brand Yarn. 

  • Giveaway is opened to USA & Canada residents only. 

  • Giveaway runs all week and the lucky winner is selected on Saturday 9/28

See below to enter!

Okay, and finally, let's jump into this pattern!

MEASUREMENTS - 20-21" Circumference | 10.25" Height

GAUGE | Single Crochet 4” = 13 Stitches | 19 Rows

225 yards per Skein | 1 skein each



Bermuda Shorts


US G/4.5mm BRIM

US I/5.5mm BODY


Stitch Marker

Tape Measure


XL Pom Pom Maker (optional) – Clover


ch – Chain

sl st(es) – Slip Stitch(es)

tbl – Through Back Loop

st(s) – Stitch(es)

sc – Single Crochet

sk – Skip

sp – Space

beg – Beginning

rem – Remaining

rep – Repeat

sc2tog – Single Crochet 2 sts together

SKILL LEVEL – Advanced Beginner

This pattern is for the adult size. If you want to purchase the ad-free PDF pattern in a convenient tri-fold format for on-the-go Crocheting. Instructions are provided in the pdf for adjusting to any size.

NOTES – Most of the pattern is worked in a continuous round using a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.

In order to avoid the spiked stitches to be off-centered, each round containing spike stitches will start 1 stitch to the left.

BRIM | Smaller hook size | Video Tutorial

(Starting with any color)

Foundation: Ch10 (or as tall as you want your brim)

Row 1: 1sc into the 2nd ch from the hook and into each ch to the end. Ch1 and turn (9 sts)

Row 2-65: 1sc tbl of the first st and every st to the end, Ch1 and turn (9 sts)

Adjust size by crocheting less/more rows for a smaller/larger circumference depending on your tension. Measure brim while stretched.

Seaming the brim | Video Tutorial

Align the 2 short ends together. Sew the two short ends of the brim together by working a sl st through the “chain” end of the brim and tbl of the other end of the brim. Flip brim inside out so the seam is on the inside.

BODY | Larger Hook Size

Set up Round (Video Tutorial): ch1, work 68 sc sts evenly around the brim. Sl st to the first sc.

(Change Color)

Round 1: ch1 (does not count as st here and throughout pattern), 1sc in every st around. Do not join. Place a marker on the first st of every round.

Round 2-5: 1sc in every st around.

Before starting round 12, remove marker, work 1sc in next st.

(Change Color)

Round 6: *1sc in next st (place marker on this st), 1sc in next st from 2 rounds below, 1sc in next st from 4 rounds below, 1sc in next st from 2 rounds below. Rep from * around.

Round 7-11: 1sc in every st around.

Before starting round 12, remove marker, work 1sc in next st.

(Change Color)

Round 12: *1sc in next st from 4 rounds below (place marker on this st), 1sc in next st from 2 rounds below. 1sc in next st, 1sc in next st from 2 rounds below. Rep from * around.

Round 13-17: 1sc in every st around.

Repeat Rounds 6-17 twice.

Decrease Rounds | If you end up with extra sts at the end of the round, complete by working sc sts in any rem sts.

Round 1: ch1, *1sc in each of the next 3 sts, sc2tog. Rep from * around. Do not join. Place marker on first sc st.

Round 2: *1sc in each of the next 2 sts, sc2tog. Rep from * around.

Round 3-4: *1sc in next 2 st, sc2tog. Rep from * around. Join with a sl st to the first st at the end of round 4.

FINISHING Cut a long enough tail to weave through the rows on top of the beanie. Cinch and tighten. Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Add a Yarn (video) or Faux Fur (video) pom pom if you’d like!


For Designs by Phanessa patterns, visit my shops from main menu.

You may sell products using my patterns, but please give credit and link back to original designer & the patterns. Do NOT use any of my photos or copy/distribute any of my patterns as your own. If you share my free patterns, please link back to original pattern page. Please leave a comment if there are errors to any of my patterns. Thank you!

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