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Crochet Coaster Tutorial

Updated: Mar 25, 2019


I updated this pattern & video due to the many questions I was receiving. The old video is still available but I made a new one hoping to address the questions. The ad-free pattern is now also available on Ravelry for $1.99.

I have been busy cleaning out our loft to create a 2nd living space for our family. The loft was my home studio for Phanessa Fong Photography. After my husband got a new job, it left me with a decision of transitioning away from my part time Photography job. 

This meant, I could focus more on Handmade by Phanessa. Since I couldn't go out on photo sessions, I decided to dive into crochet and knitting. I can do that at home any time ;) and still be around my boys.

Back to my loft. Over the weekend, I was able to find a small couch (more like a college futon). I dragged a chest from my bedroom (which only stored junk anyway) to use as a coffee table and storage for our throw blankets. I couldn't resist buying Ikea's cart for my yarn. I walked next door to and found that most of the Lion Brand's Wool Ease, Thick & Quick were on clearance! I figured this would happen since Lion Brand has lots of new colors this year! Naturally as a hoarder, I grabbed as many as I could! It was meant to be. Yarn for my new yarn cart!

As I sat in the loft, watching TV and having a beer, I realized I needed coasters! I have some plain circular ones but I wanted to make a pretty one so...... this one was born!

Today's tutorial is for this lovely crochet coaster. Using a 4.0mm hook, the coaster measures 5.5" across. 


Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn

4mm Crochet Hook


Yarn Needle


ch - chain

st(s) - stitch(es)

sl st - slip Stitch

sk - skip

sc - single crochet 

dc - double crochet


Notes: The beginning chain sets do not count as a stitch for the first 3 rounds but counts as a dc st in the 4th round so pay attention to that ;) Adjustments can be made by using a larger hook for a bigger coaster and smaller hook for a smaller coaster. 4.0mm = 5.5" diameter.

Start with a magic ring OR ch4, sl st into the first ch to form circle

Round 1: ch2 (does not count as a st). 12dc into the ring/circle. sl st to the first dc. 12 sts.

Round 2: ch2 (does not count as a st). 2dc into the the same st. 2dc into each st around. sl st to the first dc. 24 sts. 

Photo: Highlights show each st has an increase (2dc sts in one)

Round 3: ch2 (does not count as a st). 1dc into the the same st. *2dc into the next st, 1dc into the next st.* Repeat between * around. 2dc into last st. sl st to the first dc. 36 dc sts.

Photo: Highlight shows where increases go (every other st)

Round 4: ch3 (counts as a dc st). 1dc into the the next st. ch1, *1dc into each of the next 2 sts, ch1* Repeat between * around. sl st to 3rd ch in beginning ch3 st.

Photo: Shows chain 3 & the first dc st (not in the same st as previous rounds)

Photo: Shows the repeat: *2dc, ch1*

Photo: Shows round 4 ending with a slip stitch to the 3rd chain of the beginning chain 3.

Round 5: ch1, 7dc into next ch1 space, *1sc into the next ch1 space, 7dc into next ch1 sp.* Repeat between * around. sl st to the beginning ch1.

Photo: Shows the start of round 5 - Ch1, 7dc into ch1 space, 1sc into next ch1 space, 7dc into next ch1 space, 1sc into next ch1 space*

Fasten off and weave in all ends.

Hope you enjoy crocheting this coaster as much as I do! I'm hoping the photos provide enough help & if not, the video will be up as soon as I get it done! Thank you!


Crochet Coaster Video Tutorial



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© 2017 Handmade by Phanessa, All rights reserved. 


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Hello :) I love this pattern and how you show everything really clearly on the photos <3

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