Application for Pattern Testing

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in testing one of my patterns!

Your work is essential to me and my busy life! I'm honored to have you here!

Just complete a short form and submit it! That's it! 


  • PUBLIC Social Media Account

  • 2 Work In Progress (WIP) Instagram Posts

  • 1 Finished Product Photo Instagram Post

  • Complete Feedback Questionaire

Desired qualifications & experience

  • Attention to details

  • Ability to take a clear photo 

  • All levels of experience welcome!


If you are chosen to test and cannot meet the deadline (we all have things that come up), please contact me. Unresponsive testers will be automatically disqualified for future testing.

Please note that you will need to apply for every pattern you want to test when I post them. Your application is not saved.

Thank you!


Pattern Testing Form

Thank you for applying! I receive a high volume of applications. If you do not hear from me, I have chosen enough testers and/or your application is incomplete.


Already tested and looking for the feedback questionnaire?